Top 15 Games For Xbox One You Should Play in 2014

Well with the release of Xbox one in November 2013 last year, few games were released which are released before on Xbox 360 or PC like Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, etc. There isn’t much games to play for the Xbox One users but in 2014 there is a Big List of Xbox One Games that will release.

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TheLyonKing1652d ago

The vast majority are multiplatform which is sad to see as am sure there are a great number of exclusives coming to the platform espically indie.

This list is bascally saying spend an extra $100 to play multiplatform. Looking at the list I would pick up a ps4 over an xbox one in 2014. IMO

fanboybeatdown1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


That's reason enough to spend an extra $100 and then also get the other exclusives and the multiplats, of course.

TheLyonKing1652d ago

I don't think halo 5 and TF are a massive justification for te extra 100.
2 games out of the whole year is a poor investment.

Though I have no doubt that MS will realise a slew of great games that will make it's way onto the X1

fanboybeatdown1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


You are entitled to your opinion, of course.
Notice i didn't say it was just those two games per se. It' all the other exclusives as well, but those two are prime examples.

To be honest, I considered getting a ps4.
It just doesn't do anything special, in my opinion. All it really does is pump out a few more pixels than the ps3. No real innovation that i can see. What's more, PS NOW is proving to be quite laggy, even on a good server. PSN is notorious for being hacked, as well. No thanks. I guess it's cheap for a good reason.

I'd rather spend the extra $100 on an XBO and be assured of playing games that I will actually like. Titanfall and Halo and the kinect fitness games look good to me. That Insanity fitness program looks great!

Of course, I could get a ps4 and an eyetoy and then get a similar fitness game on PS, but then I will already have spent close to $100 extra on the ps4 setup and I have heard the eyetoy is just not up to scratch compared to kinect and I still won't be able to play my favourite games.

Sayai jin1652d ago

Sunset Overdrvrive, Fable, Quantum Break, etc are a few more exclusives that will be coming to XB1 in 2014...more than enough reasons for some to by the XB1 IMO.

Team_Litt1652d ago

This is one person's list of must play games. There isn't a ps4 list by the same person to compare so it is ridiculous to say you would pick the ps4 based on this list. We do not know what this person would pick for is top 15 ps4 games.

There are some potentially great games missing from this list, which is understandable sine this is merely one person's opinion. My list would include amongst others, Project Spark, Quantum Break (most interested in this) and Sunset Overdrive.
There is also Fable Legends and Black Tusk's upcoming game but I'd need more info on them before investing interest in them.

There was certainly no need for you to turn this to yet another console war battle. Nobody is asking anyone to spend an extra 100 bucks for anything by making a list of games that they think is worth playing. Not everything is a statement to be used in your silly childish wars.

Goku7811652d ago

Exactly, I'm flipping through the list and all I saw was Halo as usual. That is the mediocrity that MS has produced time after time.

christocolus1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


Dude everyones got their preferences. If you prefer a ps4 then go for it,but saying there aint enough good games coming out this year on the xbx one to warrant a purchase is just wrong.

Kinect sports rivals
Titan fall
Sunset overdrive
Plants vs zombies.
Black tusk ip (not sure about a 2014 release)

Those are more than enough imo,getting an xbx one for my nephew in march cos he wants kinect sports rivals and im also going to be getting some of those third party games too but ill most definitly be picking up mgs5 and the division for the xbx one cos i think i prefer the xbx ones exclusive content.

TheLyonKing1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Once again people refuse to read comments and pick what they want to read. I never once said there was no great games coming to x1 I said based in his list it's what it shows.
I even said am sure there are a great number of exclusives coming to the X1.

Please people read comments before jumping to conclusions.

christocolus1652d ago


I am not attacking you dude,your getting it wrong. All i was trying to say is that the list in the article is made up of the authors preferences and so some games coming out this year werent even put on it,also your comment seemed like you were judging the entire 2014 xbx one line up based on one guys list.

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colt-of-tipton1652d ago

Gonna be a seriously good year for xbox one owners !gutted about The Division being pushed back though.

etownone1652d ago

Too many great games coming out...

Halo 5 tops my list...

And i just found out about Alien...

giovonni1650d ago

Man, have you guys seen the video of Titan Fall. It's shaping up to be a great game