Driveclub: Ferrari, Lamborghini and "Italy" Track Revealed by Developer's Showreel

The presence of an Italian circuit and of Ferrari and Lamborghini cars in Driveclub has been kept under wraps by Evolution Studio, at least until a developer posted a showreel that included some very interesting details.


DriveClub Design Director Paul Rustchynsky commented that the images shown are part of a pre-production concept, so the cars and location aren't "guaranteed" to be in the game, but he didn't outright deny their presence either.

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windblowsagain1373d ago


Love all the motorstorms.

DC is looking fantastic.

king_george1373d ago

Im still playing pacific rift lol i hope they go back to that series one day

Army_of_Darkness1373d ago

I find it funny how evolution studios went from a cool game title called "motor storm" to a lame one called "drive club"?? (sounds like a place where a bunch of rich snobs go to show off their fancy cars and do laps around the park)

Ah well, hope the game turns out great.

bjmartynhak1373d ago


Lol, I thought the same for some time. I got used to it now.

And I played Pacific Rift until the PS4 release. Really fun game.

hellzsupernova1373d ago

Apocalypse was the panicle for me love that game. If their were a bogger online community here in NZ I would have the platinum

Army_of_Darkness1373d ago

Holy crap?! What's with all the disagrees? Lol! Does everybody else like the title "drive club" or something?! which is the only thing that I disliked about the game itself? ... Huh...

Bathyj1373d ago

I dont see whats so bad about it. Its the Club where you Drive, just like its the Station where you Play.

SmokingMonkey1373d ago

think "fight club" instead. They came up with the title 10 years go so...

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DeletedAcc1373d ago

WOW! Cant wait for my Plus-edition

abzdine1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

oh yeah, i forgot all about that!!
i was planning to buy it.. But if the retail version offers much more tracks and cars i might be tempted to pay for it instead. But definitely starting with PS+ version to see how good this game is.

A Moroccan racing track?? Evolution Studio is awesome!

sobekflakmonkey1373d ago

from what I've heard the PS+ edition is actually a stripped down version of the full game, it's a next gen title coming out at the beginning of the new consoles life cycle, they're not gonna give you the whole game for free, I'm sure it'll be somewhat like the free version of Uncharted 3's MP...

Patrick_pk441373d ago

If they stick to the PS+ edition, it will will be like sobekflakmonkey said. Probably a small section demo of the game. I would never release a AAA game for free.

FamilyGuy1373d ago

I'm buying this one straight out, unless there's some way to upgrade from the PS+ edition to the full version at a cheaper price than $60. Nothings been announced about pricing though.

The_Infected1373d ago

How about a release date? That would be nice.

snookiegamer1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

The best thing about Driveclub, is that it will force Polyphony to up their game. I welcome the internal competition Driveclub will bring.

...oh and Driveclub looks phenomenal after the necessary delay. Please Evolution, do not release this game until it is near perfection.

Oh yes :)

shivvy241373d ago

whats even better is since their both first party, they can share their assets, code, whatever, to improve on both titles

Mexxan1373d ago

Agree - thought 5 was rough, screen tearing and pop in - all the pump about fidelity by the maker was a bunch of pure shite.

Goku7811373d ago

I agree, in this case, delaying was a good call. Leave the sub par crap for Xbox One.

sobekflakmonkey1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I'm gonna be honest, I really hope this game isn't anything like GT, I want it to be arcade/sim, for whatever reason everyone seems to have it in their head that EVERY racing game must be a sim, but that's totally not true, we need another racing game equivalent to PGR, no console or pc has that at all at the moment, so here's hoping this game is PGR but Next Gen.

Also, reason I mentioned this is, well if it is arcade/sim then it isn't really competing internally with Polyphony, and they most likely wouldn't be sharing code or assests (maybe other than like...graphical stuff..)

NeoTribe1373d ago

Im surprised sony would even wanna bother with another AAA racer to compete with its own.

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