The 8th Generation will be just as bad, or Worse than the 7th Generation

Developers and publishers are getting worse and worse every generation, and we the gamers are to blame because we accept and tolerate mediocrity and anti-consumer practices from these developers/publishers. We are easily satisfied and even when we do get mad at them for screwing us, we forgive them quickly and we act like nothing happened. Xbox fans were mad at Microsoft for the DRM and now look at them, they are buying Xbox Ones and those who haven’t yet are waiting for the next Halo game. We have the power to make this generation (PS4, XBO, Wii U) great but we won’t because we are too busy arguing about which console is the best.

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DanielGearSolid1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Ehh I kind of felt the same way until I realized the variety is still there, just not as publicized.

Especially on Ps3/Vita... Still got quite a few Jrps to play

Never owned a Nintendo console so I cant speak to that

360 started out with variety but it gradually became a shooter box

mikeslemonade1649d ago

I think generation 8 is going to be better than 7:

1. WiiU has better games than Wii
2. Sony makes a proper system that attracts gamers and developers from the start

The argument about same games like sports(can't speak for racing), but believe it or not those same games can be vastly improved. The only game that was even close to graphically impressive was Fight Night. But NFL and NBA can be vastly improved with new features and new immersion.

The argument about "just about graphics". Well it's more than that. You saw lots of games last generation that were hindered with lots technical issues because 360 and PS3 are maxed out.

imXify1648d ago

WiiU better than Wii nope nope nope not a chance and not even close.

Army_of_Darkness1648d ago


Oh yeah... The PS3 was definitely flawed and left stranded by gamer's and developers which is why it sold horribly and was veeeery difficult to find any good exclusive games on it...... (-_-)

DC7771648d ago

Pretty much agree plus the rise of indie games should spark some much needed diversity from the generic copy and paste fps with "" graphics.

I agree that the big devs are getting a bit pathetic taking way too long to make games that are basically the same with different paint, always failing to meet the hype and yet still we buy them.

Clarence1648d ago

The Wii u has the same games as the Wii except there hd.

Metallox1648d ago

@Clarence Wii doesn't have a Pikmin game or Zombi U, or a good Batman game.

abzdine1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

i agree with this article except for some points. as a console gamer since the 80's i think the gaming scene is getting corrupted.
First because games don't offer more and less publishers dare to take risks or give gamers what they deserve. Second because of the retarded media (no exception made) which is killing gaming quietly. I will be ashamed to call myself a gamer and rely on the garbage opinion of any form of gaming "journalism".
People buying next gen consoles only for shit games like COD and BF what's the point of that? it just shows how bad this gen will be in terms of variety in games. next gen again we will end up with one or 2 genres.

"Now PS4 owners have to pay and they have no problem with that."
NO! I am paying for PS+ and not for online play. it just happened than online play is part of it cause it's the PS+ value which is worth paying for.
If PS+ never existed and i suddenly had to pay yearly for online play they wouldn't get a cent from me cause online play is very secondary for me.

Shnazzyone1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Poor guy, Disagrees just because you mentioned that we have HD nintendo games to look forward to. Why do people have to hate the companies they have no preference for? What's the point? I like nintendo games, I'm excited to see what Nintendo can do with the capability of making games more powerful than a ps3. Pikmen 3 is already pretty as hell and it's getting better.

You folks excited for your ps4 and xbox one games can have that. That's fine. That's the real immature gaming there. Hating on something just because it's not your taste. These aren't football teams, their game companies.

Let's just play our games and stop wishing for the other companies to fail. You get a bubble up from me.

Withdreday1648d ago

Honestly, I stopped reading after the first paragraph.

It just seemed like a bunch of random bitching how the "old school" was better. I like older titles too, but if you don't like current games, just don't play them.

Simple as that.

imXify1648d ago

Wooow. You guys are really too forgiving with Nintendo. The Wii made a bang with the whole "Nintendo Revolution" marketing back in 2005/2006 by introducing motion controls, wii fit and many other stuffs.

That was a real "revolution" and the WiiU was nowhere near that. I, myself, and most people thought it would but the PS4 did it instead.

mediate-this1648d ago

I see no problem with yearly releases with sports titles, sports fans mainly by those titles, thats demographic unto it self.

linkenski1648d ago

Okay this is my opinion and I'm saying this because you have to listen to it :-P

1) Mario Galaxy and SMG2 are much better than SM3DW (as single-player titles)

2) Wii had two damn good Zelda titles. Wii U has yet to give us one which may or may not be better than past games. (Wind Waker doesn't count IMO)

3) Wii had Wii Sports, was way cheaper and at the time the motion control was pretty neat. Wii U doesn't really impress with anything yet... other than maybe SM3DW.

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Flipgeneral1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

You never owned a Nintendo console? NES, SNES, N64? Damn man, those were great consoles, I hope you will eventually play some classics via emulators.

OT: I wouldn't blame devs and publishers since they merely provide what consumers 'want'.

Models like DLC and microtrans only exist because consumers continue to support that model by purchasing said items. Not to mention sequelitis!

DanielGearSolid1648d ago

Never lol, not even GBA. I did play alot of the games with emulators but nothing past GBA

Prime1571648d ago

I get sequels, and tolerate the ones that aren't yearly iterations, but I agree with MT being something that idiots still buy.

I don't blame the devs, I blame the publishers for the rest.

Scenarist1647d ago

lol i was about to post the same thing ... as in NEVER owned a console ... when I read his comment i felt like somebody punched me in the stomach ... i guess that means i care ...

so Daniel .. plz you missed the gold age of gaming

3-4-51648d ago

Hopefully the journalism steps it up.

linkenski1648d ago

Journalism like, who? IGN, Geoff Keighley? They're all on the big publishers' and advertisement medias payroll. They wont bother showing diversity when one genre makes all the money.

Ps4Console1648d ago

I say he his right & a great article , we must not worship these games consoles like a lot of you do because you are the consumer it's them that have to keep us happy not the other way around .
Why are most arguing in a way that school kids fight in a school yard & I have seen a lot doing that on here your pathetic just enjoy your games & if you don't like the game be honest like Pc gamers do , but a lot of you lie because the game is an exclusive remember it's your money your spending not Ms or Sony's you need to grow a pair not all but the minority .

TheRedButterfly1648d ago

"never owned a Nintendo console"


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AngelicIceDiamond1649d ago

"Paying for Online Gaming"

"I remember how PS3 owners didn’t have to pay and they were proud of that. They were making fun of Xbox 360 owners for this. Now PS4 owners have to pay and they have no problem with that."

I'm curious as well.

yellowgerbil1649d ago

PS+ is amazing, that is why we don't care.
Don't Starve Bioshock Infinite and Brothers all free this month for people who have a ps4 and a ps3. Those 3 games make the 50$ annual worth it right there.
And as a PS3 gamer the only reason we were proud of the PS3 being free is because of how inferior it was at the start. It got better towards the end though.

AngelicIceDiamond1649d ago

PS users did care they trolled and complained about XBL for years? You can't just brush that under the rug.

I even heard PS community say if PSN ever required a MP subscription they would move to PC.

I agree PSN+ is the savior for the system.

Benjaminkno1649d ago

Yeah well I shouldn't need my Ps3 anymore, but I do.

It makes no sense to need your Ps3 to play downloadable games already on Playstation network.

I have a Ps4, and I'm playing 3ds.

mikeslemonade1649d ago

lol you're bragging about Microsoft instilling an unneeded $60 charge.

1. PSN is still cheaper
2. Thanks to Microsoft it has now become the standard to charge for the online service

decrypt1648d ago


"Thanks to Microsoft it has now become the standard to charge for the online service"

Not really check Steam its free, hell it provides a better service than both the paid networks and better discounts lol.

MsmackyM1648d ago

If PS+ is "soooo amazing" then why does Sony have to hold online multiplayer hostage behind its paywall? If it was so amazing as you say then consumers would still buy it without having their online multiplayer held hostage.

incredibleMULK1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

don't starve is not a selling point. Devil may cry and infamous 2 were good for plus but alot of their games are garbage. galaga legions was good. I hope plus or now is free with the subscription of the other. I'm not gonna pay both. I have a gaming pc so ps4 is not 100% necessary for me.

jrbeerman111648d ago

Ps+ sold me a vita, been worth every penny thus far. I didn't have a problem with paid online for Sony only because I was already paying for it. And at least netflix and Hulu aren't behind the pay wall for the single player type gamer.

The key for both live and psn fees being worth it is the server support, hopefully both sides get what they are promised. I haven't had issues playing online with either console (bf4 being a different issue).

SilentNegotiator1648d ago

It probably helps that PS+ offers a lot of access to content and isn't a paywall for Netflix and such.

kreate1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I still play ps3 cuz its free online. I'm a PS plus but its not for MP. Its for all those games they give out.

I'm also a PC gamer. Again, cuz its free.

I'm also a gold member on xbox live but that is becuz I wanted to experience it before making comments about it. also to play games.

mediate-this1648d ago

Ya its kind of like a rental service, if you were to own those games then that would be a steal. But when your bored of those games i guess its cool that its not permanent.

wonderfulmonkeyman1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

They'd be worth it if you could download the games.
Right now it's just a glorified Gamefly subscription, only you don't get to choose which games come to you. You've got to wait it out for whatever they decide to release, and wade through shovelware in the meantime.

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Dynasty20211648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

And 360 users laughed at PS3 owners, for "having no gamez". Remember that?

Now who's laughing?

Playstation has developers that create games that push the bar. They create genres, they make something new, and they're being rewarded for it, ala The Last Of Us for example.

Microsoft has Halo and...oh wait.

Halo - basically CoD, what with its' generic-ness.

king_george1648d ago

When you said creates genres i got some awesome flash backs of littlebigplanet lol. That game is a prime example of what u just said

jrbeerman111648d ago

Early 360 was a beast with mass effect bioshock crackdown on top of halo and gears in their prime.

Then crackdown 2 was worst sequel ever, (and lazy, same map?!) they lose mass effect (which was huge) bioshock, bury rare in kinect titles, and stick to trying to buy ps3 exclusives not built by owned devs

Meanwhile halo 4 had little staying power online and gears is nowhere to be found after last game cash in disappointment (I still love gears 1-3).

I hope x1 returns to its early 360 glory, ps4 seems to be right on track and owns some of the best development teams, I just hope they start releasing some games and soon.

mediate-this1648d ago

What genres has sony devs created!?

gcolley1647d ago

Could you sound like more of a fanboy if you tried?

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snookiegamer1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Blame MS for setting the precedent. I'm sure PS4 would have free online play if it weren't for MS policy.

And lastly, must we forever live in the past...even if fanboy comments were made..that was then, this is now!

Get a grip!

Roccetarius1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

The fact that they still require it for online play says more about Sony. They could've totally let it slide, and offer it free.

But, they found out there's profit in it, and people will gobble it up.

Hicken1648d ago

Don't generalize. Not everyone, fanboy or not, is happy with paying to play online.

The difference is Sony attempts to make paying for online feel worth it by tying it to PS+. At least that way, the cost feels subsidized. They also avoid putting as much online-dependent features add possible behind the paywall, which helps, too.

It's not the best possible outcome- that would have been free- but it's pretty good.

And far better than XBL, which is still just charging you for online.

dcj05241648d ago

I pay $50 for a year. I get $200 plus in games.

incredibleMULK1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

for now. You don't think they'll cut off your freebies first chance they get? That stuff costs money you know. Heaven forbid if xbox dies and sony doesn't need those games to make ps+ "worth it".
They know call of duty + $50 = hooked blind fanboys. 90% of people I know don't even download those free plus games they just play call of duty day in and day out and buy the dlc the day it comes out which i refuse to buy because I feel they are ripping me off and the maps seem kind of crappy. You and I are the minority. I do end up deleting most of them though.

lex-10201648d ago


No. PS+ has been around for 2 years (This is the 3rd year). They have been giving out free games since it's inception. It has only been tied to online multiplayer this gen. So I would estimate that they will continue to give out the free games.

CrustifiedDibbs1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Hicken, you were one of the main people bashing live every chance you got. Talking about how it's unacceptable to have to pay to unlock half of your game, and saying you would never pay for mp. Sony does it, and I have not seen you or the rest of you fanboy brigade complain even once. Instead you just move the goalposts around, and spin it positive for Sony. You aren't fooling anyone.

YOU ARE STILL PAYING FOR MP!!!! No amount of spin or deflecting will change that you and the fanboys like you are hypocrites. i know, i know, you must defend sony and its fanboys no matter what. im not even sure how anyone can take you seriously at this point?

i guess ps plus "free" games are cool if you dont play games as they come out. i have had plus since it launched, and nearly every big game on plus, i had already played quite some time before. doesnt really offer much to people that like to keep up with games.

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Prime1571648d ago

I bought into ps+ before it was required, and I've not regretted that decision.

I didn't buy it because I had to, I bought it because I play so many games a year that the model of ps+ helped me, even if random games.

If I remember, it's already presented itself as an $80 value based off of just ps4 games. I also kept my ps3 and own a vita. It just made sense with my gaming habits.

dkgshiz1648d ago

Well given you have to pay to play online. You still get an incentive to pay for PS Plus due to the free games you get each week.

JohnnyTower1648d ago

I discovered Steam for the first time last night. I may never game on a console again. The games are ridiculously cheap, the mods are incredible and free, and no monthly fees. I have friends and achievements and there is even a "big picture" mode that turns your pc into a console. Plus the steam dashboard puts X1 and PS4 to shame.
If you have even a low end pc, I recommend you to check out steam.

gobluesamg1648d ago

I have PS Plus through 2016 and I play no online games. Subs can be found for cheap around the holidays and the games you get are amazing. I have played many games that I would have never given a chance and loved them. It is a great service for my PS3, 4 and Vita.

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Benjaminkno1649d ago

Again, it's all going to be about games.

Sony's all in!!

And look out for the XBone price drop!!

And to think about all of the fuss about Nintendo crawling to android and Apple?
I scoff at such laughable ignorance.

The irony is that Nintendo left their first year wide open to third party developers to make money and we got a luckluster zombie game, 2012 ports, and COD fans that don't even want to own the best version of the game.

You'd think a Nintendo/Sega alliance would sell a disastrously named WiiU.

So much politics.

Concertoine1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I'd like to see survival horror return this gen. Also platformers that aren't mario. And MS actually using Rare and their IP's.
So far i must say im a little disappointed with next gen games coming out and already released... too many shooters even still. I'm hoping that genre doesn't maintain such a prominence in a few years.

PoSTedUP1649d ago

the genres will dwindle down untill we're all playing movies and reality tv shows. nah but seriulsly, id like to see a BMX game since they Completely Skiped An Entire Generation! >: [

Concertoine1649d ago

yeah, a lot of stuff died this gen, and a lot of bad things started too. micro transactions, on disc dlc, stealth games pretty much died, tactical shooters died, very few horror games many of which ruined in sequels...
basically everything that wasn't a shooter or action game, became one xD. and the funny thing was a lot of those games were less successful because of it (splinter cell since conviction, ghost recon future soldier, silent hill, resident evil 6, socom 4...)

dcj05241648d ago

We got Tearaway for the VITA best platformer of the year imo.

SpiralTear1648d ago

Survival horror made a splash last gen, but in a different way. It was mostly through indie devs who were able to focus on defenselessness to produce fear. If you're talking more about the Resident Evils, which succumbed to the all-action "nu-horror" style, then yeah, I'd like to see the series do another re-tooling.

I like Mario platformers, but I'd love to see another 3D platformer focused on exploration, like N64 era Rare.

Speaking of Rare, Microsoft could use their IP's, but I don't expect many good results. The best that was Rare are out of the company, so there isn't too much talent left.

Concertoine1648d ago

Yeah but unfortunately, with very few exceptions, indie horror games show their roots all too well. Theres often little build up or suspense for scares, just a bunch of pop ups, almost like theyre made in mind for someone like pewdiepie to play them. Amnesia and penumbra and a few others are exceptions though.
And yeah the talent kind of left rare, but theres still some impressive people there, they still have great art design and graphics (viva pinata and BK:N&B). I think if they had a good budget and enough time they could make an awesome stealth game with perfect dark.

StinKyNuGz1648d ago

It will be better if u own ps4 u get naughty dog