How Alien: Isolation Can Be Successful

Chris West of SpawnFirst writes: "I believe it might be very safe to say that the expectations for Alien: Isolation aren't very high thanks to the disaster that was Aliens: Colonial Marines. With consistently low scores and multiple "Worst Of 2013" nominations, including #3 worst game of 2013 on SpawnFirst, Colonial Marines remains as the poster child for terrible movie tie-in games and possibly the worst game the franchise. So Aliens: Isolation doesn't have to do too much to be better than Colonial Marines, but there are many things it must do right to be both good, and win back any betrayed fans and gamers."

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Bonerboy1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

NO GUNPLAY AT ALL? Sneaking around and hiding for 5-6-7-8 hours makes for some pretty damn stale rinse and repeat gameplay.

Mr Tretton1681d ago

Would be a really new gaming approach. Some genres and IPs need some freshness. When all else fails, do something really different.

Bonerboy1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Have you played a game of this genre before? Amnesia? Outlast? >>> It's not a new gaming approach. Fun for a while...a Short while.
Sneak, run, hide, find key, sneak, run, hide, flip switch, sneak, run, hide, etc and that's it for hours on end? To each their own, but I find it gets damn old real fast. I hope I am wrong but I doubt I will be given the utter lack of unique ideas and actual innovation these days.

Mr Tretton1681d ago

Well, maybe shooting everything gets old real fast. Brother I'm 32 I've played all games.

SITH1681d ago

A better question is do you know how a xenomorph hunts it's prey? Pheromones. They have no eyes. They communicate with pheromones from the queen and other xenomorphs. There is no way a human is hiding under a table from a xenomorph as alleged during one of the previews of the game. If they are remotely sticking to the biological cannon of a xenomorph then they are going to have to explain in detail how a human can evade a xenomorph by simply hiding from it around corners. I am not impressed with what this game details as it's method of play. To me... it is stupid.

4logpc1681d ago

It sells a lot of copies. Duh

but for real, there is gonna have to be some seriously good writing to keep someone entertained for a full length game that features one alien.

I hope they pull it off.

Thepharaoh1681d ago

By not sucking. Like the rest of the games in it;s franchise

Ron661681d ago

The graphics look like it was ps2. Are you sure this is a ps4 game?