2014: Year of the Indie?

Is is time for Indies to be noticed for their ambitious drives? 2014 seems to be a great year for Indies to impact the gaming industry.

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NukaCola1379d ago

Both Journey and The Walking Dead received numerous GOTY awards. I think indies have a great deal of respect. This gen and last have and are making them more accessible to more gamers.

MysticStrummer1378d ago

"Both Journey and The Walking Dead received numerous GOTY awards."

Exactly the two games I thought of when I saw the title. Indies are already an acknowledged force in the industry, except to those who downplay those titles as somehow less than "real" games.

urwifeminder1378d ago

I don't play many indie games I am sure one will get interest sooner or later.

wonderfulmonkeyman1378d ago

Well, Shin'en is definitely on a roll, and I cannot wait to give Mighty No. 9 and Cryamore a play, so yeah, I'd say Indies are coming into their own.

zeal0us1378d ago

2014 will come out strong for next-gen games.

I can tell you 2014 won't the year of android consoles. These things doesn't have appeal to consumers much.

nosferatuzodd1378d ago

Love journey love flower love flow all these indie games are top of the line
Don't starv is addicting has hell all are indri all are great love indies

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