Steam Machines must be more than a hobby

Can Steam Machines be utilized for other purposes then gaming?

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Fireseed1647d ago

Dual boot Windows and you're golden.

dsswoosh1646d ago

So then whats the point in spending a lot more money on a steam box when a PC does exactly what you just said rofl.

Fireseed1646d ago

Their really isn't one other than getting the form factor, case design and overall deal on the internals a Steam Machine may offer.

GentlemenRUs1646d ago

No duh... It's a PC build in a small case that's all.

The_KELRaTH1646d ago

There's even APPs on Steam and even if you don't setup a dual boot likely you could install any of those Linux based apps.

Valve aren't trying to crucify the PC platform rather just make it easier for those that would pick a console over a DIY games PC.

solidsheep1646d ago

Their not making it easier to pick it up over the gaming pc. Your not gonna be able to walk into bestbuy and see 30% of the store dedicated to it like the ps4/xbox1. All the people making the steam machine are the same online custom pc gaming sites. What's the difference except the size.

The_KELRaTH1646d ago

We'll I wasn't thinking about the physical buying rather from levels of simplicity but it's interesting you mention the retail stores as I understand Dell will have their offerings in major high street stores and there's also a few other big names looking producing a Steambox for retail outlets.

ninjahunter1646d ago

Well, the $500 steam machines are pretty good value, its very difficult to build a machine that powerful for that price, which is a selling point, since your getting a prebuilt PC ready to game right out of the box for the price of building your own, but in an extremely small form factor.

But, their definitely not enthusiast machines. So the target audience, is obviously, people who are not PC gamer's that want to become PC gamer's but don't have the knowledge to become a PC gamer. The real question is, is there a market behind that?

webeblazing1646d ago

its a market the question is how much people are willing to buy them, which the will adjust with the demand. console gamers should be so threaten as they are it wil just give people more options if they are not inclined to move try pc gaming because of technical and high price game prebuild reasons, but this is n4g where people dont see the value in others instead of the platforms they worship. valve is smart. since the its open platform and alot a manufacturers are making them most of the best value steam machines will survive and become popular. but they are not considering it. competition breeds success and lower prices, but for some reason they think this dont count for steamboxes.

a sad state in gaming we are in. and like valve stated they are in the close beta stages of streaming games thats only on pc for the steam boxes FOR FREE. so BC streaming for FREE.