$10 billion spent in App Store in 2013

Applications across smartphones have brought in a nice hefty revenue in 2013.

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MegaRay1532d ago

I spent 5 billion myself...

Hellsvacancy1532d ago

I didn't spend a penny, then again I don't own a SmartPhone, I own a RetardPhone

nutcase131532d ago

and yet the Iphones are ridiculously expensive...

JBSleek1532d ago

No they aren't. They are the standard price for premium phones. Same as S4 or HTC One

kreate1532d ago

IPhone 4 is still $480 bucks.
Google nexus 4 is $199.

The LG google nexus 4 is couple generation better than the IPhone 4.

Iphone 5 2ND gen is out. Why is Iphone 4 near $500 mark?
Its 2014.

khellendros11532d ago

I was part of that. Too much money on Rage of Bahamut.

InTheZoneAC1532d ago

Didn't spend a cent because I don't support Apple.

But I also didn't spend a cent on google play.

People addicted much?

Kran1532d ago

5 Billion of it was probably on "free-to-play" games too...

Pandamobile1532d ago

Probably. F2P games are a huge market on IOS and Android.