Can the Oculus Rift and Motion Controls Change Video Games for the Better?

Ever since the Wii was released video games developers have been trying to create something innovative by changing the controller, making high tech Eye Toys or strapping screens to our heads, but does any of this actually make video games better? Let’s first look at previous endeavours in video games and see if they did anything to better gaming as a whole.

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DealWithIt1680d ago

Oculus Rift - Yes

Motion Control - Hell no.

Pogmathoin1680d ago

I think each on its own will be limited, but a kinect camera, oculus and wii-mote nunchuck together, seems plausible that good games could be made... I could immerse myself in an modern Elite game.... Dreaming now....

spartanlemur1680d ago

I'm not sure a wii-mote is ideal. One of the peripherals I would expect to see in coming years is some form of glove with artificial muscles which contract and expand as we touch things in game (so you can grasp things such as joysticks, weapons and ledges and feel resistance). Combined with a kinect-style camera, this could be very promising.

Regardless, we're going to see a lot of innovation in making VR more immersive beyond the goggles themselves soon I'm sure, and it will be quite interesting to see which designs succeed and which fail.

ZombieKiller1680d ago

I don't know, a lightsaber fight with Darth Vader would be nice! I don't think there is too much past that for me with motion controls. I like to lazy around the living room....

As for the Oculus Rift: I am down! That thing looks awesome.

mobijoker1680d ago

Oculus Rift is the future...
Motion control- already tested last gen and it did not work....don't see it working this gen...

muttsurini1680d ago

I played video games for relaxing not to be stressed out.

WeAreLegion1680d ago

Yes...especially when you combine both technologies. VR motion headsets, especially the Oculus, will only get bigger. When you mix motion gaming (like the Razer Hydra, for example) with headsets, it adds depth to any experience. Everyone has been experimenting with that. My favorite example would be Surgeon Simulator 2013.

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The story is too old to be commented.