XVox - Episode 26: Da Nile Is Not Just A River


Jason, Eric, Michael, Vern, Devon & Dustin.

Show Notes:

* Xbox One sales top over 3 million in 2013 accross 13 countries
* Xbox One will fix social features in incoming update
* Microsoft working on fix for Xbox One rewind bug when using Direct TV DVRs
* Titanfall can have nearly 50 combatants fighting at once on a map
* Joe Staten returns to Microsoft after leaving Bungie
* Undead Labs, creator of State of Decay, have signed a multi-year & multi-title deal with Microsoft Studios
* Microsoft owned Phantom Dust could be making a come back by original creator
* Project Spark closed beta coming to Xbox One in February
* Evolve announced for Xbox One with details
* Alien: Isolation Revealed and details
* Insomniac Games auctions signed Xbox One console to help injured artist
* Microsoft's Xbox Head isn't worried about Steam Machines and Oculus Rift, he's excited

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Goku7811651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

This show and this title are perfect when speaking in reference to XBox One. Denial. Yes I have listened to what they talk about. If ignorance is bliss I insist everyone pro Xbox keep listening to shows like this.

Dusdg1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Thanks for the feedback. We do run a "Xbox" podcast. So take that as you will. There are plenty of other podcast that are Pro Sony. I wouldn't even mind sending you a pm with a few I personally like. Now on the other hand we do have host that own PS4s and Eric also prefers it over his Xbox One. If you actually have anything relevant to say I would love to hear your ideas in improving the show so that we can better accommodate are listeners in the future. I will remind you that we cater to people that own Windows Pcs and Xbox Ones. However we do chat about ps4 games in the what have you been playing segment with no negative spin. Well I hope to hear back from you goku781! - Dustin from

christocolus1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Ignorance? How?...dude this is a show dedicated to the xbx one. I see nothing wrong with it,besides what did they say to offend you? They have been doing this show for a while now and i know alot of gamers like myself who enjoy it.

Instead of running down the show why dont you go find and listen to some strictly ps podcast which you may like cos you definitly dont like the xbx brand one bit so your impressions about the show shouldnt matter to those who actually care and its also not shocking to see you run down these guys with a comment like that,cos its gamers like you who got pissed when activision and ms co-sponsored an exclusive xbx one cod competition. Must gamer bias and fanboyism be brought into everything now?...smh