Braid: The game of a generation

GameZone writes: "[O]ne game in particular single-handedly changed the way we make and consume games, and has shaped the future of development in the most exciting and positive way, more than any other game released in the past decade.

Braid is the game of the last generation."

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Snookies121619d ago

Was I the only one who couldn't get into Braid? Normally I love indie games, and I played a good hour and a half of it. I just couldn't get into it though for some reason.

badz1491618d ago

Lol @GotG

It sparked interest towards indie games among the console crowds for sure but that was it, nothing more.

pody1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Yep, same. I got it dirt-cheap from PSN. After playing it for a while I couldn't believe how it had been so hyped up. Nothing spectacular there. Never played it again either.

gillri1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

No I absoluyely loved it, it the highest rated indie ever made, and I agree with the critics

whereas Limbo and Jounrey were more style over substance this had both atruly mind bending experience and definitely in my top 10 of the generation

@podya and actually it was spectacular, shame you didn't 'get it' I only played once becasue I had such an amazing experience with it I didnt want to change my perfect memory of it

pody1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Well.. It could just be my taste in games as well. It wasn't anything about "not getting it". Because what is it really to get? It is a 2D platformer with a gimmick.

I didn't like Limbo either. I just didn't have any FUN with those games. And that is the main purpose of games for me. To be entertained.

Journey seemed fun and unique from the demo, but I never bought it.

da_2pacalypse1618d ago

No actually, Braid had a really neat story. But you don't really understand the story until you beat the game. One of my favorite games for sure.

ZeoN1619d ago

It was nice after all.

-Foxtrot1619d ago

Right lets not get ahead of ourselves, its a good game but GOTG....I don't think so.

cyphertech1618d ago

I feel like I'm the only person who still remembers and loves this game. Loved the ending.

Chrono1618d ago

I finished this game but really wasn't anything special. To say it's the game of the generation means you haven't played many games.

gillri1618d ago

For me its the most special indie ever made a truly mind bending experience

I've played virtually every AAA title game this generation and this ranks in my top 10

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