Senior Analyst Lowers Wii U Sales Forecast for Current Fiscal Year to 4.3 Million Units

Macquarie Securities Senior Research Analyst David Gibson is well known as quite the expert of all things Nintendo, and yesterday he tweeted a revision to his forecast of Wii U sales for the current fiscal year.

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NatureOfLogic1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

It's good to see Nintendo having realistic expectations again. Btw, nice article steal Abriael.

Abriael1651d ago

It's not Nintendo. It's an indipendent analysis firm, even if one of the most relevant operating in Japan

Dgander1651d ago

Stupid, troll bait article because Wii U is already at 5.3 million.

Abriael1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

"for the current fiscal year"

It's not the same thing as "since its release."

mii-gamer1651d ago

ummm I do believe 4.3 is how many wii u's they expect to sell during the fiscal year (april 1 2013 - march 31 2014) and not how many they have sold so far (i.e around 5 million).

My fellow Nintendo fans need to relax. Seriously, it is not good for your health.

starfox0791651d ago

Yes it's from april to march WiiU sold 3.3 million in first 7 weeks from launch to Christmas then fell right off basically selling zero for months this 4.3 million gets added to 3.3 million which equals 7.6 million instead of their 9 million target......

Realplaya1651d ago

@mikes you 54 worried about 14 year olds take your grown ass on somewhere and sit down

HappyWithOneBubble1651d ago

Even when this is coming from Nintendo's mouth it's trolling. So Nintendo is trolling themselves.

Abriael1651d ago

It's not. It comes from an analyst. "senior analyst" right there in the headline :D

Eonjay1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

@NoWayOut I agree.

Do people not understand the concept of "tongue and cheek"

He isn't really talking about Nintendo, he is saying that people are too sensitive. If Nintendo says "We didn't sell what we wanted", Nintendo fanboys would accuse them of being trolls.

People need to take some Prozac and play some Mario lol.

Sarcasm1651d ago

Actually Nintendo themselves want 9 million by March...

They only need to sell 2.5 million a month from here on.

360ICE1651d ago

The Internet will be a great educational tool, they said. Look up any word you don't know, they said.

torchic1651d ago

common & unfortunately expected Nintendo fan retort.

SilentNegotiator1651d ago

Yeah, I've seen it a lot in articles about the fiscal year expectations.

dazzrazz1651d ago

@ Dgander

Fiscal year you dumb f*** ! Maybe you should go back to school get some of that reading with understanding lessons !

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wonderfulmonkeyman1651d ago

As long as their sales come out to a profit in the end, I'm satisfied with whatever they can get.
I'm more concerned with the games being planned.

badz1491651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

you don't really get it do you? it's not about whether Nintendo makes a profit or not, it's always about how many console they are selling and the demand for the console itself!

you wanna talk about games, right? so, get this. it doesn't matter how much money they make off every console they sold but if the console is not selling, it will make it that much easier for 3rd parties to skip it altogether! the GC is a perfect example for this. it is said that the GC was profitable amid the lackluster sales but where did it end up at? it FLOPPED and FLOPPED HARD! they even managed to secure exclusivity for Resident Evil for god sake and it was a huge loss for the PS brand but due to it not selling, all those titles jumped back to the PS2 and even unique titles at the time like Viewtiful Joe also jumped ship.

see? no sales, mean no games! sure Nintendo's 1st party release stellar games, but 1st party alone is not enough to save it and 3D World is a perfect example for this and see the 360 still selling more than the Wii U with only 3rd party supports! it was said that 3D world will save the Wii U but in the end it still sells well but the Wii U is no longer in the lead.

wonderfulmonkeyman1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

No, the VIRTUAL BOY flopped hard.
The Gamecube is just Nintendo's lowest-selling console, and it STILL got great games on it that people still fondly remember to this very day.
If the Wii U ends up like the gamecube, that's NOT the worst that could happen to it.

Sales don't matter as much as people want you to think; profit matters more, if people want to see the brand, let alone its company, continue to survive.
And the Wii U, not to mention Nintendo itself, will continue to survive, and continue to both make and receive great games worth playing.

It doesn't need to be ahead of absolutely everyone to still be in the races.

kenshiro1001650d ago

bads I've been saying that for the longest time. First party alone won't save the WiiU.

DC7771650d ago

Well OF COURSE you won't sell 3rd party games when they are not exclusives and 190 million people can get them on PS3 and 360's that they already own.

You get your upcoming 1st party big games out SOON and some 3rd party exclusives that aren't ten dollar indie games you might hit closer to your mark.

GhostTurtle1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Never realized Iwata had such a lazy eye.

starfox0791651d ago

WiiU sold 3.3 million from launch to Christmas..

Add 4.3 million to this and thats the new target 7.6 million by march 2014 instead of 9 million their original target ?? so they are sat at 5.4 million now so they are expecting to sell 2.2 million from now to march which if achieved would put them at 7.6 million units sold worldwide in march.....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1651d ago

Wrong Wii U total install base as of September 31, 2013 was 3.91m

Over 19m Software sold.

Bathyj1651d ago

Wow. Anyone who thinks WiiU is doing not to bad, ps4 and Xbone are both gonna do in under 2 months what the WiiU does in a year. That's not good.

Crillvirus811651d ago

Keep thinking that remember wii sold just as much if not more then ms did by jan 1 and only a about a million less then ps4 did its not like they out sold the wii u by millions ...and that's cause most there fans went out in full force and got ps4 that's why it sold so great around launch ..remember ps4 is also selling good cause now it has features that Xbox 360 had for years like party chat etc so most ps fans see a reason to upgrade and Xbox fans are like blah blah kinect 2 who cares we will upgrade when we see halo and titanfalls running and available on x1 ...but it's to early to say how they will sell in the next few months with no major first party games planned for release before e3 Nintendo they have a line up in place for the next 6 months so there sales will continue to rise or stay the same as these past few weeks and as you can see since pikmin 3 and Zelda wwhd release the wii u sales have been rising .even staying close to ps4 and x1 weekly global numbers and remember a lot of places stop stocking wii u's to make space for next gen or cause they wasn't selling ..and then you forget by this time next year wii u will be 199$ with a game if this holiday we seen them go for 249$ with Skylanders

starfox0791651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Well wiiu is sat at 5.4 miilion and i think they will hit their target so come march wiiu will have 7.6 million sold and i think by that time ps4 will have sold around 5 million.....

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