Ghostbusters PS3 screens

Take a look at this screenshots, from the Playstation 3 version of Ghostbuster.

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Relcom3872d ago

I don't really care about those small things though

HighDefinition3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

A game based off a movie. Looks good. There`s still a bit before it comes out, I think.

alexM3872d ago

the game would have 2x as many things on screeen had it been ps3 exclusive--said by DEVS themselves

SullyDrake3872d ago

It's too bad we're getting held back.

meepmoopmeep3872d ago

i hardly, if ever notice jaggies when i'm gaming. i don't have time to look for things like that.

i'm a big fan of ghostbusters though. hope this turns out really good.

sonarus3872d ago

Yea it might also have 2x the jaggies:D

Not a big fan of Ghostbusters, will be renting this at best

Eidolon3872d ago

the developer didnt really seem that knowledgable, all he mentioned was that the PS3 had more processors than the 360, which means nothing. Im sure theyre confused or unsure, and im really sure that the difference between the 360 and the PS3 can't be 2:1.

Kleptic3872d ago

^^ what?...more processing 'power' is what you meant...and I assure you, that doesn't mean 'nothing'...

and there simply isn't anything better than a forum guy saying 'I think the developers are confused'...

sonarus3872d ago

lol kleptic beat me to it. Person working on a game stating his opinions on the systems he is working on and he isn't knowledgeable. My guess is it will be engine related. Since they are leading on PS3, the engine may cater to more of the ps3's strengths.

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HighDefinition3872d ago

Hopefully the G/P holds up. That would be great, to play a good Ghostbusters game. Will this have Co-op?

gaffyh3872d ago

yeh this game looks pretty good, may be worth getting.

SullyDrake3872d ago

C'mon, those shadows in those night screenshots were very well done.

Some of the close-up textures, though, are like cellulite ass, but hey, there's plenty more dev. time right?

kewlkat0073872d ago

It's the Lead console, right?

Hopefully this game stands out...cause I'll def buy it. But I wanna play something different, I need a breakthrough Platyformer/Adventure game.

We have not seen this yet, this gen.

fenderputty3872d ago

There's going to be a breakthrough come this October with LBP!

Back on topic, I love Ghost Busters. One of my all time favorite movies and cartoons. Please please please make this game fun for me.

segasage3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

look good. we'll see if breakthrough

im keeping my eye out for the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.