Pocket Lint - PlayStation Now: The future of gaming, the death of the console as we know it?

Pocket Lint - Welcome to the modern world. Gone are the days when popping to Blockbuster to grab a DVD was commonplace Friday night practice. Indeed disc-based formats could be on a slippery slope, even for gaming if PlayStation Now has anything to do with it.

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DanielGearSolid1679d ago

Jesus Christ....

Ppl have no sense...

Every year something is gonna end consoles

Enough already

DCfan1679d ago

Last killer was Mobile gaming.

fenome1679d ago

Mobile already won, why do you think the PS4 only sold like 3 consoles. Angry Birds totally took over and killed consoles as we know it. Why do think they charge like $40 for something on consoles that costs like $3 on your phone. Lmao

And for people that are tone deaf, yeah, that was dripping with sarcasm. lol

Eonjay1679d ago

You think the doom and gloom of consoles is impressive, you should check out the world wide apocalyptic prophecies that I have survived in the last 5 years. I made it through the last day of the world so many times, I have decided to sit out the next couple of apocalypses.

nix1679d ago

we were all suppose to die on 2012... and here we are.

colonel1791679d ago


Netflix hasn't killed Movie Theaters. Hasn't killed Blu Rays, TV broadcasts, etc. Why would PS Now kill consoles? It's just another OPTION for people to play games. Also, the service is for OLD games, not new. So it's actually more like how Movies go from theater, to DVD/BR.

dragonyght1678d ago

but it did killed blockbuster tho *looking at gamestop with grin is his face*

moujahed1679d ago

The Mayans also predicted this in their tablets.

dcj05241679d ago

Tell me when everyone gets Japan level internet. Until then hell no.

gigoran1679d ago

I had 100mb download in Japan. It doesn't go that fast abroad?

annus1679d ago

Just because it does go that fast elsewhere doesn't mean everyone comes even close to that speed.

It's being reported that it's 5MB (not Mb) which means you will need at MINIMUM 40Mb connection. So many people have way under that, unless it's really just a journalist screwing it up and it really is 5Mb, in which case I would think most people who game online would reach that.

Scatpants1679d ago

This is obviously the end of consoles. Now that 4k TVs are out people are going to be looking for lower resolution artifacted laggy media to play on them.

BanginBiscuitz1679d ago

I need to stop coming to N4G this site just gets more and more ridiculous with the articles that get posted.

Joe9131679d ago

I agree they need to stop with the opinion articles

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The story is too old to be commented.