Retrospective: Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

EDGE - Younger players who took their first steps into Symphony Of The Night’s hallowed, half-lit gothic corridors via the Xbox Live Arcade port of the game would be forgiven for thinking it’s a typical representation of videogames in 1997.

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TheEnigma3131412d ago

I just got finished playing this. This is my favorite game of all time. This was my first game for ps1. Fond fond memories.

FamilyGuy1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

My favorite game of all time too. This game still gets a retro review 3-6 times a year from various sites because it was just that good.
People love reminiscing about this game, I wish they do an HD remaster of the sprites like they did with Ducktales, that's something I'd gladly throw $40 at. Too bad it would take forever and they likely desire a $60 msrp.

Still, I wish they'd do it, it would definitely sell.

TheEnigma3131411d ago

Oh man I would love an HD remake. Wishful thinking though. I have 2 physical copies and a digital for this game.

Vanfernal1412d ago

This is the one game I never get tired of. I bought it when it came out. I bought a digital copy when it came out on the Psn, I bought it for my PSP when Dracula X Chronicles came out, then I bought a digital copy ofdDracula X Chronicles so I could play it in my Vita. Truly this is gaming at it's best.

Jughead34161412d ago

The soundtrack was just as awesome as the gameplay. Almost every castlevania after this tried to mimic it

One_Eyed_Wizard1412d ago

Some of them came close but none ever touched it.

TheEnigma3131411d ago

This was definitely the peak of the series. I love the song from the library when you're in the upside down castle.

BosSSyndrome1412d ago

This is the best Castlevania in my opinion up with DoS, PoR, and AoS.

BG115791412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Ah good memories. I remember buying this game for the PSX over the latest Tomb Raider...
My friends mocked me because of this choice. I never regretted my choice and time gave me reason. It's still the best Castlevania out there.

The best thing of this game? The soundtrack of course!

gillri1412d ago

Not quite as good as the superlative Super Metroid

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