Lord of the Rings: Conquest: good and evil campaigns, four-player co-op, play as Sauron, much more

Pandemic game director Eric 'Giz' Gewirtz has revealed a ton of information about the newly revealed Lord of the Rings: Conquest in this interview, including first word on 16-player multiplay, four-player co-op for the Story mode, good and evil campaigns and plenty more.

These quotes are translated from German (thanks Tanja!) so the odd word may be displaced here and there.

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Orange Juice3873d ago

Part of me is upset that there isnt a battlefront 3 in the works, and part of me is excited to see a LOTR game that is along the same lines. I'll buy, but I hope it doesnt stray from BF's gameplay too much.

Nagthragarthoth3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Lord of the rings >>>> Star Wars....


Jackson>>>> Lucas

Aragorn >>>Luke Skywalker

Sauron>>>Darth Vader

SullyDrake3873d ago

Because LOTR and Star Wars shouldn't even be compared. I do agree with you that it's better, but IMO it's WAY better.

I think I'm gonna call you Bag Tag Nag, ok?

SullyDrake3873d ago

... and better graphics, faster framerate, and smoother gameplay on the PS3 version.

dachiefsman3873d ago

take that to the open zone please....

SlyGuy3598d ago

My brother, my cousin, and I each bought copies (at bargain prices) of this game to play 3 PLAYER COOP...

The game ONLY supports up to 2 PLAYER COOP!!! (contrary to what some sites have claimed)

AAAARRGHHHH!!! How misleading! Imagine our excitement and sudden disappointment.

What a HUGE letdown.