Top 5 Wanted Playstation NOW Games

411mania - From Final Fantasy XI and Grand Theft Auto III to Tekken, Enter the Matrix: Path of Neo and more, the 411 staff counts down the top 5 wanted games on the Playstation Now service.

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Relientk771677d ago

All the JRPGs on PS1 and PS2

BlakHavoc1677d ago

A bunch of games come to mind lol, but i'd love to see Legend of Dragoon, FF7,8 & 9, as well as all the Dino Crisis. O and let us play some of the classic RE's, Nemesis comes to mind immediately.

BoriboyShoGUN1677d ago

Yeah Dino Crisis would be sick! I cant wait to see the price and titles available. I've never done game streaming but I'm sure my connection can handle it ;)

BlakHavoc1676d ago

Yea you should be able to maintain a solid connection lol, the requirement from Sony was fairly low so it's not like you'll have to pay 70 bucks a month just to avoid lag. I think I pay 30 a month for internet and I never lag when playing online. But I seriously cannot wait for this, I really hope they make as many classics as possible available.

KangarooSam1677d ago

First two that come to mind are Ni No Kuni and Skyrim. Being able to play either on Vita would be amazing, in my opinion.

BoriboyShoGUN1677d ago

Its just too many titles to name.

BlakHavoc1676d ago

Ni No Kuni would look awesome on my Vita! Bad news there though is that I probably wouldn't be getting any work done at my job lol.

PaleMoonDeath1677d ago

Onimusha, Resident Evil Outbreak, Soul Reaver, Timesplitters, are a few games series I'd love to re-dwell into, especially Onimusha.. by the gods hear me!