FIFA 14: 10 Over-Rated Who Need To Be Downgraded In January Updates

WC - No one can always be right. We are all human and we all make mistakes; even the egg-heads at EA Sports who year-in-year-out bring us the best football simulation game on the market. In a sport that inspires so much passionate support worldwide, it’s inevitable that one of the most vehemently debated areas in each year’s instalment of Fifa is what the developers choose to give the players for their rating.

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Gamer19821652d ago

the first in the list is jovetic but he has been injured and the only reason hes kept his rating

WilDRangeRrfc1652d ago

So dissapointed with Fifa 14,got it on PS4 and MP is trash,get to a game continually kicks me out saying my downloaded squad file is incorrect,go out delete and reload still does it,overpowered over the top through ball,host advantage is the worst I have ever experienced,people only use RM or BM,one game your players are positioned great,they are quick they win all headers and 50 50 tackles,another game it's the complete opposite and your players literally trip over themselves GARBAGE,I'm going PES 15 next year EA can kiss my arse,next gen and all the problems from last gen are worse DISGRACE I'm trading it in first thing tommorrow,oh the tackling is garbage too if someone twists and turns all the time you can't get near them BROKEN GAME