5 Great 2013 Video Games That Deserve Movie Adaptations

WC - The relationship between games and movies is an interesting one. Games are becoming more cinematic over time, and film is no stranger to mining its console cousin for the occasional good idea – not that they always turn out well.

In terms of good source material for the movie industry to consider, 2013 was as good as any year in history. It was a solid year for games in general, but the type of strong narrative needed to have any hope on the big screen appeared regularly.

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NukaCola1676d ago

Jeez this website sucks. Angelina's Lara was alright but you want Bioshock should be like Sky Captain? Nothing remotely coherent ever comes from this site.

raresteak1676d ago

As if movie adaptations are crowning glories.

It's dumb that people still think that, and that a game cannot be a masterpiece per se, and even more so than many films.