Mega Man Simplified Released

Triverse writes, "Hot on the heels of Castlevania Simplified comes Mega Man Simplified (there is one for Mega Man II also for those interested). While retro gamers that grew up playing what is commonly referred to as the classics will see no point in these types of game hacks, there are a lot of younger gamers that came into this scene more recently. Those that are new to classics such as Mega Man and Castlevania probably won’t appreciate the toughness of the games, the lack of assistance in knowing where to go next and thusly, won’t enjoy the games nearly as much. "

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grmbl1649d ago

I grew up with MM and its unforgiving difficulty. Kids these days are having it too easy. This game is why I love Meatboy, N+, ...

triverse1649d ago

I think there is a place for these hacks, it is no different than the Game Genie to me. I don't use them but can see how they would be popular with new players.

Dehnus1649d ago

There there Grandpa, here have some prune-juice and a big hug! ;)

Summons751649d ago

Why is it being simplified!!! The game was amazing as it was not to mention already simplified from the Japanese version!

The new generation of gamers are so spoiled and it's really hurting gaming. Most games hold your hand, force tips to pop up on screen, not to mention all the walkthroughs and video playthroughs making the problem solving taken out of the game, throw in achievements telling you what is going to happen in the game and you have modern gaming since 2005.

I remember playing levels 20/30 times just to beat it in this game with little access to the internet and no guide. It was more than welcome when Demon Souls came out because it brought back that challenge and need to strategize and problem solve.

I'm going to feel really bad for gamers in 10 years when gaming is so easy a brainless ant can beat a whole game.

meatnormous1649d ago

I remember having a hard time in FF3 (FF6) finding the chainsaw for Edgar. having to talk to everyone in zozo for the right time for the clock was a pain in the ass. I loved that game and am grateful youtube didn't exist back then, cause i would have solved that in seconds.

Agent_00_Revan1649d ago

I just finished God of War Ascension and it had the heaviest hand holding hints and tutorial of all the games. The camera constantly focused on what you need to go and where you need to go. After a short while it was like 'Jesus, I know how to play, just leave me be already!' It is the Sixth game in the series after all.

I find to many games are like this now and there's no way to turn it off. I thought this is supposed to be what Easy modes were for?

Donnywho1649d ago

This is pretty funny. I think I'll go beat Contra without dying.

tweet751649d ago

you arent a real gamer unless youve beaten the grim reaper in the original castlevania at its original difficulty.

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