Steam Machines are here, but who are they for?

Last year at CES in Las Vegas, Valve finally announced its long-rumored Steam Machine platform, designed to bring the PC gaming experience into your living room. At the time, the appeal was obvious: a small PC that fits under your television and lets you play the thousands of games on Steam from the comfort of your couch. It even looked like a unified platform that could help simplify the notoriously complex world of PC gaming, making it accessible to a more casual audience. But one year later, the appeal is less clear.

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decrypt1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

PC gamers probably wont touch it not when they already have a PC.

This might interest them if they are looking for HTPCs. Though many of us already have those. Plus with an HTPC we already can play any game we bought on our main rig.

So really this might just be a machine suited to a newer audience looking to gain an entry into PC gaming without having to go through the hassle of building one themselves.

nope1111682d ago

Bingo. I'm clueless with PCs, i'm very interested in PC games, but i have no idea what type of budget i need, parts, optimizations, etc.

dsswoosh1682d ago

Take a look at any Steam Box......

They are $200 - $600 more expensive than the same specced PC.

With that extra money, you would be much better off getting someone to build you a PC.

You would still have enough money left over to spend on a lot of games / booze / sex etc etc.

Steam Box is pointless.

webeblazing1682d ago

but he said it what he looking for obvious he dont have someone to build him one and dont want to build himself, so hes better off buying this. i built myself many pcs and i think i might buy one later on. they are only gonna get cheaper if the price stay down and if it dont the parts will stay relative to the cost. im mostly gonna buy becuase form factor and the idea of it. i would easily buy a nice case that look good at a small console size. i already do that now. we have cases that go all the way from $20 all the wa up @200. it dont seem a big a deal to pay for the design and effort as long as they are not ripping me off. they have to make a profit.

i understand it people who rather build they self and thats the beauty of pcs. but i will support the movement of companies that care about giving customers a fare deal.

nope look at pc gaming websites they will help you good in your first setup. and if you dont feel like get on of the steamboxes and experiment with the components as time goes by.

have fun

FITgamer1682d ago

For those that are too lazy to build their own pc. I'm not hardware guy by any means and it only took me about an hour to figure it out how to put my first pc together. Not only that, but now i know the satisfaction you get the first time you play a game on system you put together.

TheKayle11682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

console gamers scared by keyboard+mouse, pc rig configurations and os's

and pc gamers..bored of keyboard+mouse, pc configurations and os's

webeblazing1682d ago

i know your a troll but what the point in wasting your time post. im seriously curious.

TheKayle11681d ago

troll about what??! who should be the steammachine users ?!?!? if not

TheTrooper1682d ago

It's a niche product. I don' tthink they will ever make a very large impact.

Sketchy_Galore1682d ago

Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks. Tough kids, sissy kids. Even kids with chicken pox.

GentlemenRUs1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Snooty people, I'll stick to my DESKTOP PC thanks :)

$6000 for a steam machine wtfhehebbq...

webeblazing1682d ago

you dont have a pc stating that BS proves it

GentlemenRUs1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Windows 8.1 64-bit
Intel i7-3770
GeForce GTX 660

488 Games on STEAM.

Looking mighty stupid now aren't we? :P

My point still stands... SteamMachines will never kill off consoles...

NeoTribe1681d ago

Im lost... what did he say that means he doesnt own a pc? He said theres a steam machine for 6000 bucks which is correct. He stated he will stick to his desktop. Im gonna do the same. Do i not own one now?

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