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Levolution Was Planned For Battlefield 4 China Rising But Where Is It ?

HardwarePal : A Reddit user while tampering with the Battlefield 4 audio files found something very peculiar. In these files you can hear very interesting things and come up with even more interesting conclusions about Levolution. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

christrules0041  +   599d ago
It probably would've launched with 1,000 other bugs though if they did keep levolution in it. Imagine fog drops down and it blocks the bullets. First get the game playing great and then worry about levolution.
stavrami-mk2  +   599d ago
don't talk logic the down vote fairies don't like it :-/
Elwenil  +   599d ago
How about getting the game playing great before releasing it and these things would not be an issue?
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CrossingEden  +   599d ago
Levolution itself is just disappointing, it's just a bunch of prebaked destruction animations playing out, and they advertised it as something that was supposed to be dynamic. And each conquest map only has one specific place where it happens.
Downserj  +   599d ago
The "Levolution" reminds me of Vigilante 8: 2nd Offence's (1999) triggers on their maps. I don't think many levels had them, but they caused flooding, giant ant attacks, giant donuts rolling around, and maybe a couple other cool things. But you had to do certain actions to trigger them each match. And at least two of them had a big impact on the rest of the match once they were in affect.

I did hope that BF4's levolution was real time events that would always be different each time it happened. In a way I guess I understand why its not, mainly because it would have no doubt brought more bugs and issues.
ginsunuva  +   599d ago
You actually believed their advertising?

Devs do it all the time. I learned my lesson the first time: if someone advertises something with a cheesy name made of two words mixed, then it's a load of crap.
Avernus  +   599d ago
You mean the boxes that I shoot and break aren't "levolution"? bu but they change how the map is... i have to walk around the box now :P
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Lilrizky  +   599d ago
It's odd because I've been playing BF4 for a while now on PS4 and so far it hasn't crashed and I've never experienced any glitches of any sort. I don't get why people are still telling them to fix the game?
christrules0041  +   599d ago
A list of glitches that were patched. http://www.playstationlifes...

There are still glitches like when characters shake up and down glitching through the ground. When a building falls on one specific map the frame rate drops to like 10 fps. The game crashes. In battlelog when you try to invite a friend it freezes.

I'm level 81 in BF4 as well. Even glitched under the map in Dawnbreaker driving an LAV underneith the c conquest bridge while it was falling and instead of destroying the LAV it pushed me under the map. On the skyscraper I was doing that glitch that makes my character shake up and down glitching through the ground. I was ontop of a skyscraper and glitched into the skyscraper falling. When I hit the bottom instead of dying it put me at the top of the skyscraper again and glitched back into the skyscraper. That happened for 5 minutes straight. Then we can't even party up and join a game together. Have to do it 1 by 1 but if teams get full or its unbalanced you have to play against each other. For premium members China Rising DLC wasn't working.

EA is facing lawsuits from there investors because of how bug riddled Battlefield 4 is. http://www.playstationlifes...

Also check out angryjoeshow on youtube and he has a rant because of how bad it is for bugs.
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Lilrizky  +   598d ago
Wow that is a lot damn... that sucks

I don't know why I haven't experienced any of this type of thing yet
swishersweets20031  +   598d ago
you're either trolling or you must be one lucky person to not experience any of the stuttering, lag, hit detection issues, and rubberbanding.
Lilrizky  +   598d ago
Na I'm not trolling lol that isn't my way.

It must be lucky. I'm well aware of the glitches out there and it sucks for the people who experienced them.

But my play-time with BF4 has been pretty smooth and enjoyable
csreynolds  +   598d ago
*cough* trolling *cough*

The PS4 version - much like all versions - is plagued by crashes and glitches. The game's been patched a few times already, and the issue tracker on DICE's own Battlelog cites a list of problems they are still investigating/trying to fix.

"I don't get why people are still telling them to fix the game?" Because it's blatantly broken. If what you say is true, you're remarkably lucky to have been unaffected by all of the game's widespread issues. You're certainly in the minority.
boldscot  +   599d ago
Levolution is just dynamic maps.
Also can anyone tell me why I don't get the incoming missile sound beeping until after the missile has hit me?
I picked up BF4 2 weeks ago on PS4 and this is really starting to annoy me now, wasn't like that in BF3. It's happening in every vehicle.
JOHN_DOH  +   599d ago
It might be the mbt law or active radar. They lock on when they are close to your vehicle but are shot like rpg (you don't have to lock on when aiming)
boldscot  +   599d ago
The thing is it's happening when I'm up against tanks, helicopters, jets and even the AA vehicles are doing it.
I played BF3 a lot and saw this kind of thing on occasion in laggy servers but it is going on all the time now.
spaceg0st  +   599d ago
I don't know if it still does this, but I remember playing battlefield on my PS4 and hearing guys around me congratulate me for my promotion in game.
Plagasx  +   599d ago
I miss BC2 destruction :(
csreynolds  +   598d ago
you and I both, dude.
Bakkies  +   599d ago
I feel dirty every time I read the word "levolution".
Aleithian  +   599d ago
There's literally nothing in 3 of the 4 maps that could levolve... The only thing that comes to mind is the comms dome in Altai.
Donkey888  +   598d ago
UM, a snow storm would be a major piece of levolution for that map.
Aleithian  +   598d ago
I didn't realize that weather counts as levolution. In that case, we could get a sweet sandstorm on Silk Road.
Donkey888  +   598d ago
Weather is also levolution dont forget.
DesertFox79  +   599d ago
Glad I did not buy PREMIUM !! First fix the game then maybe I buy premium?
MegaRay  +   599d ago
Dlc maybe xP
GuruMeditation  +   599d ago
Or a microtransaction pop-up "this structure is unstable. To continue with Levolution Premium, do you consent to a $3.49 micro-payment? *disclaimer: Levolution Premium will require seven players to take advantage of this offer, all payments non-refundable if quota not met" there you go EA, a new idea for you D:

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