What Did You Play Over the Holidays? Casual Friday

Rev 3
This week on Casual Friday, we look back on some of the games we played over the break. What games did you play over the holidays?

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NukaCola1679d ago

More I watch Rev3 the more I realize they are just a bunch of closed minded, unintelligent, casual gamers. Adam Sessler isn't going anywhere with them and I kind of respect Max for leaving. Listening to Tara talk about games is terrible. She really comes off as someone who started gaming in the mid-2000s. I know us older guys aren't as fresh but it was like Nikole Z on G4 telling us her mom wouldn't let her play GOW so she never got into the series. This is why most critics are a little older, a little wiser, and a little more knowledgeable. Rev3 needs more journalists with experience.