Evolution Studios: "Tricky" PS3 Brimming With Potential

Evolution Studios and MotorStorm creative lead Paul Hollywood says that PS3 development is tricky but that the system is full of rich potential.
"PS3 is just fantastic. It's tricky to develop on, but that's just a learning curve. You work that out and you cut corners and squeeze more and more out of it with each game you do."

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sonarus3874d ago

Yea. Start talking when MS2 visuals surpass MS1.

@sill fanboys yes i know its only 40% and visuals can go up so i am optimistic. Would be a shame if visuals are the same or even downgraded

Ace Ventura3874d ago

Lol I seriously doubt the will be.

HighDefinition3874d ago


This game still has a long time in devolpment. Look how much better KZ2 looks now, w/ just a little Xtra time. MGS4 aswell, Looking better and better as time goes on. Motorstorm 2 will be no different.

anh_duong3874d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

sonarus, of course visuals will improve. bear in mind we have more interactive features (buildings, trees, water etc) which we never had before. the lighting is already better as is the particle effects. i think it is abit naive to believe that visuals won't improve. this is a day one purchase for me since i just sold my motorstorm one on ebay.

Fishy Fingers3873d ago

Do I own a different MS1 to everyone else?

The videos of MS2 are already better, viusually, than MS1 in my opinion, the deferred lighting, soft shadows, motion blur etc all already better than that of MS1 and still only at 40%. The only thing that stands out, is the lack of objects in the race course, but obviously they will add to that over time.

At least wait untill you have seen some good direct feed footage before you write it off.

sonarus3873d ago

The textures are better maybe but it doesn't look as detailed in my eyes. Bottom line though the game will be twice as good as the first with 4p split screen added and death to load times.

The density of the new tracks already makes it 10X better than MS1. I just hope there are still cool jumps. MS2 is a must have for me

Kleptic3873d ago

I don't know...the new stuff looks great...but so different they are hard to compare...

Motorstorm 1 is still the best looking off-road racing game to question about the fact that MS2 has some shoes to fill goes without saying...

I am just hoping for more environmental interaction for MS2 though...branches swaying from wind of the race...lots more layer manipulation in the mud (one of the coolest things in MS1)...water effects like we have never seen in a racing game (uncharted's effects in MS2 would be awesome)...

and yeah...get rid of vehcile load times...then its perfect in my book...

CrazzyMan3873d ago

1) it`s not Motorstorm 2, it`s Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.

2) Motorstom evolution, half year before release. =)

3) the game will be amazing, it`s stupid to doubt in that.

titntin3873d ago

Give it up already! How many more times are you going to say the same thing? Follow the link and read the full story at the original link. Look at the current screen grabs on display there.

It's already looking fantastic, and any attempt to pretend otherwise is not just opinion, but a sure sign of an agenda.

Given the legnth of time it still has for development, I feel confident that this title will surpass the original - which itself is still one of the best looking games of this gen.

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Harry1903874d ago

By now,we know it is the way to go in the future,and first party developers are at the forefront.When you think about it,all is getting into shape.Those guys,in 10 years,will have mastered the techniques and putting out little masterpieces,whilst companies like Valve,even though they produce amazing games,are still stuck with the old ways and are finding it hard to adapt,which is curious,considering the talent they have.If they continue like this,they might be left out in the long run,which would be sad.

Relcom3874d ago

Never been that cutting edge when it come to graphics

Marceles3873d ago

Eh...I can't agree with that 100%. Other than Far Cry and Doom 3, Half-Life 2 looked pretty damn good when it first came out and still looks good this day. The Lost Coast also showed of the HDR lighting which increased the graphics a little further, but the Source engine is really dated now compared to the CryEngine 2 so...yeah, they have alot of catching up to do. They might've not been cutting edge, but they did a good job of making the graphics just slightly below as important as the gameplay...where as Doom was another story.

Kleptic3873d ago

Valve wins awards for new gameplay mechanic...basically because of their creative department...

but valve does not make many down the list of what they have made...

programming wise, they are nothing out of this world...they are still milking Source, which at the time was only topped by the Doom 3 engine (arguably, that can go either way)...

they are a really old-school dev that doesn't like change...fatfeck complains about new ideas in terms of hardware...he liked the original Xbox (because it was basically a PC)...but complained about the 360 not having a standard HDD...he complained about the PS3's processor, despite liking the PS3's RAM architecture more...He complained about DX10, claiming it does nothing to help developers...

he's a whiner...always has been...if they are going to avoid the PS3 be it...all PC developers are leaning towards scalability for even the cheapest of PCs...they have to...barely anyone buys powerful gaming rigs anymore...

thor3874d ago

I'll say what I always say; if we hadn't hit a brick wall in terms of clock speeds, then we wouldn't have a problem - consoles would be easy as pie to develop for. The ONLY way intel,amd have been able to churn out more powerful processors is to make them dual core/quad core/cell and so they have more _theoretical maximum_ speeds but it's a lot harder to develop a game to take advantage of it. A 6Ghz single-core would clearly be at least as fast as a 3Ghz dual-core.

mistertwoturbo3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

You obviously don't understand anything about coding or clock speeds for that matter. 6ghz isn't going to automatically give you blistering crazy 5000p gaming or nothing. Look at Crisis, a 3.2ghz computer will be able to run that game just as long as it has a VIDEO CARD to back it up.

You see, they work together. It's not just processing power that's missing, it's just the actual knowledge of coding the two to work together. That's the struggle developers are having with the PS3.

They are still trying to find the best ways to code for each SPU to work alongside the RSX graphics card. The problem is, there's just a big amount of different possibilities.

Take a look at specific developers. Take for instance, Insomniac. They were easily able to make Ratchet & Clank run a SOLID 60 frames per second with a 1280x704 resolution. While a developer like, Free Radical could barely keep up with a 1024x576 resolution at 30 frames per second for Haze.

Does that mean Free Radical suck as developers? No. It just means Insomniac just happens to find the better ways to code for the PS3 architecture.

Heck, it's the same thing for the 360 and PC architectures. Look at the different developers for that. The TRADITIONAL architecture. Take for example Gears of War. Looks awesome, plays great, and runs great. Then look at something like Conflict Denied ops. Looks like poo, plays like poo, and runs like poo. Why? Because it's all in the CODING of the developers.

Cause if you go by your whole "More clock speeds, the better" then technically all games should run equally the same. But no, this is not how things work.

PimpHandHappy3874d ago

you sound like you might have some idea

when you say clock what you mean is disk read speed right? I understand the PS3 reads things slower but if games can look as good as Uncharted (for a 1st year game) i dont really understand why all the hate about it...

I hear its tricky but i have a question. Answer in lammens terms as much as you can. Am i right about this?

The cell was made to use all 8 spu's in uninsion. So far it hasnt been used fully.

Does the cell counter act the slower read speed? Or can it?

MJY2K3873d ago

No, the clock speed is how many processes/things the processor can do in one clock cycle. The higher the number the more things it can do.

Hopefully this is correct, it's been ages since i've done stuff about this

Ashta3873d ago

Clock Speed is referring to how fast the processor "processes" the information and then tells the machine what to do. The Cell is like the "brain" of the system and the faster the brain the faster the system responds.

Disc reading speeds for the BD drive are not slower than a DVD drive and that old myth has been put behind us like 7 months ago.

The Cell actually runs on 7 SPU's with the 8th SPU dormant unless one of the other cores fizzles out. It technically could run all 8 at the same time but, and I'm hoping I remember this correctly, it only uses 7 while keeping the last one as a backup.

The reason why people started claiming that the BD drive was slower was because many of the developers have begun relying on the HDD for caching information instead of relying on the BD drive to read information and try and build that bridge between the readable information and the actual console using the BD drive. HDD storage seems a bit easier for developers so thats why there has been a dependance on it lately. However, as time passes we'll be able to see people getting away from the 5gig installs.


thor3873d ago

I was talking about operations per second basically. In terms of FLoating-point Operations Per Second (FLOPS) PS3's cell is really quite high. But you need to set it lots of different tasks on all the different SPUs to take advantage of this. If we had one big core in the middle, it could attain this speed with just ONE process, so devs wouldn't have to worry about it so much. But as I said, we've hit a brick wall in terms of clock speeds, they've ben at around 3.2 maximum for years. So building different types of chips with different architectures is the only option.

Proxy3873d ago

Clock speed is the drum-beat that all the tiny transistors row their boat too.

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bootsielon3873d ago

Initially I thought it didn't, but then I saw the high-res videos from gamersyde, and frankly it looks great. Awesome vegetation, water effects, and lighting. The cars are a bit more detailed and better lit. If it's 40% done, then I can't wait to see the final product.

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