Are Killable Children In Games Wrong?

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

A controversial topic. Should killable children be implemented into games, or is it just plain wrong? It all depends on how the developers incorporate it, and if it’s not done in bad taste, so it very much relies on the execution of the whole thing (no pun intended).

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SavageKuma1647d ago

Honestly many gamers ask for realism and so far certain games like Skyrim all are judge on a moral code, so if you want to be evil, give players that option. It is all about choice.

TomShoe1647d ago

Yeah it's fine.

If a kid can't handle it, then his parents shouldn't be letting him play it.

zeal0us1647d ago

I don't think developers and publishers would mind but they fear by implementing such feature would result in a public backlash. Not only that but the ESRB would definitely give it an Adult Only rating. Which mean popular retailers would opt out carrying the game. Which means less sales.

Remember what happen with MoH(2010) MP that allow you play as the Taliban? If killing children was allowed we having an incident 10X worse than what happen with MoH.

Hatsune-Miku1647d ago

Are killable people in games wrong?

KonsoruMasuta1647d ago

I wouldn't have a problem with unkillable children in Skyrim if Bethesda didn't make them such dicks. It's like they purposely make children say things that make you mad and make them unkillable just to mess with you.

cleft51647d ago

That is exactly the point I made. The whole unkillable children thing would be fine if those kids wasn't so damn rude.

cleft51647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Developers go out of their way to make kids so damn annoying in games that you would have to be a saint to not want to kill them. The kids in Skyrim are so rude and Fallout has annoying kids as well. Developers do that crap on purpose because they know they have set the kids to being immune to death.

People seek out kill kids mods for games, not because they want to kill kids in a game but because they are sick and tired of this annoying npc being the rudest character in the GAME and getting away with it. It would be one think if these kids actually behaved like well mannered children, but they don't.

sdozzo1647d ago

It's like an unwritten rule. Has nothing to do with realism.

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Baka-akaB1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Not really pro or against it , i dont even feel like doing it . the problem is that some games insist on publicizing the impression you can do whatever you want , and then force kids in the game or even subs stories , that are portrayed in a more annoying way than in real life . So it can be an immersion breaker and grievance .

In the same way some of us used to feel aggravated by games with pre rendered cgi backgrounds , on wich very little interraction where possible . leading to stuff like a bazooka wielder being stuck in front of an almost broken wooden fence

I doubt so few people didnt feel like strangling some of the kids from the Fable 1 prologue . Well at least most people i knew that heard the french version wanted to :p

Ratty1647d ago

Yeah french dubs are horrible (I actually got in a car accident once driving in a snow storm because they gave me the french version of Mass Effect. I was like wtf I specifically asked for english- anyway)... but pre-rendered backgrounds are pure awesome. Final Fantasy VII to IX, Baldur's Gate and all the other IE games.

Still the killing kids thing I don't really get it. I don't think I ever tried killing a kid in Skyrim.

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