Uncharted 3 Marriage Proposal writes, "First and foremost I would like to greatly thank MOFILM, PlayStation, and Sid Shuman for even having this PS Blogger Competition in the first place. Second thanks goes to Naughty Dog for taking the time and making this video even though it was close to the holidays. The reason there was an Uncharted 3 proposal in the first place was because my fiance and I met through the Uncharted 3 summer beta. We were gaming friends for the longest time, playing all sorts of titles together, before becoming a couple early last year"

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miyamoto1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )


A first in video game history!

PlayStation is about happy creativity!

Like Joel Banderas.

PlayStation gamers are the best lovers in the world!

With that kind of proposal I think they will name their son 'Nathan' or 'Drake'.

This is indeed a WOW! moment, Sony.

360ICE1646d ago

Game proposals have been around at least since WoW. It's still as cute as ever, though.

Congrats to the couple!

TekoIie1646d ago

"A first in video game history!"

This isn't a new thing dude. To my knowledge there have been proposals in WoW and Halo.

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XisThatKid1646d ago

nah man check out the Clap-Trap proposal it was epic. Also people have made Littlebig Planet level proposals as well several Team Fortress and Counter Strike ones too but I love your excitement though!
I'm trying to think up one of sorts myself. Especially since my daughter was born PS4 day, 11/15/13

KingKevo1646d ago

The Portal one is still my favorite, since they got the real GLaDOS (Ellen McLain) for the voice-over.

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Ripsta7th1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Gamer love might be the realist because you get to know alot about eachother before even meeting. In most cases lol

FamilyGuy1645d ago

Laziest proposal EVER!
I can't believe it was so short and simple, no effort put in at all.