Wondering About Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Are you ‘Wondering About’ this definitive edition? Has this next generation version got enough to warrant a place in your collection? Is that another new Lara Croft? How much is it! But most importantly, how do they get her hair looking so good?

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GentlemenRUs1596d ago

I'm not buying it again...

thekhurg1596d ago

That's why Gamefly exists. It's hilarious how much QQ gamers have about this release.

Want to play it again but don't want to buy it? Gamefly it.
Want to play it for the first time and don't mind the cost? Buy it.
Want to play it again but don't want to buy it and you're too cheap for a Gamefly account? Wait.

ironfist921596d ago

You talk like Gamefly or similar services are available for gamers outside of the US...

NeoTribe1596d ago

I tried gamefly and stopped it after one month. They take FOREVER to mail you your game and recieve the one you sent back. You dont even always get the correct game.... kinda crappy service.

Section81595d ago

With Playstation Now, Gamefly is finished for good. They were garbage to begin with.

1596d ago
weirdo1596d ago

never tried it the first time round but i'm defo getting it now. looks brilliant!

ziggurcat1596d ago

it's a surprisingly great single player campaign.

multiplayer is pretty typical, though...

redknight801596d ago

I rented the PS3 version and I shall rent this one also and give it one play through. Great game overall but I only recommend a purchase if you did not play the last-gen version. This should be a good rent though while I wait for War Thunder and all of the March-April-May goodness.

Grimhammer001596d ago

I wonder why they make no mention if improving the mp? It was the ghetto version of uncharted mp...but I still enjoyed it a bit.

If it had serious improvements it could take advantage if the fps fatigue surely creeping by now?

Regardless, this game should not be $59.99! I expect a price drop to $39.99 in 2 weeks after launch.

Canadianfubar1596d ago

I may the minority but I would love to see ultra/definitive versions of PS3 games on PS4. PS3 has some terrible anti aliasing issues. Full 1080p sharp crisp versions of series uncharted, skyrim, Resistance and others would be awesome to play on PS4. Hopefully not all would be full price or if they did give us all the trilogy on one disc in PS4 HD goodness.

DragonPs41596d ago

I would like to see Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3 on PS4

ChazzH691596d ago

Far Cry 3 would be great on PS4. But I think Ubisoft will just stick with FC4 instead.

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