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Fighter Within isn’t necessarily a bad game. There are issues that affect its gameplay – like the cutscenes and Ki system – but there are other factors to consider as well. First, I am no Jean Claud Van Dam or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Playing Fighter Within was not only painful for me, but there were times when it was difficult to perform moves because my arms and legs ached from constant movement. It wouldn’t be entirely fair to blame some of my shortcomings on Fighter Within. The Kinect is also a sensitive piece of equipment that requires proper lighting. While a bright environment was used to review Fighter Within, there could have been an element that went unnoticed.

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Bundi1595d ago

You sure you didn't mean out of 15? Ubisoft really needs to stop with these Kinect fighting games!
This could have been a decent controller based brawler but as with that other avatar abomination kinect game, they wasted any and all potential.