USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 1/4/2014 PS4 tops Wii U Lifetime Sales in US

Gen 8 Hardware Totals (US):
XOne 105,228 (-43%) 1,944,688
PS4 90,336 (-44%) 2,110,642
WiiU 24,547 (-66%) 2,086,724

Gen 8 Software Totals (US):
XOne 226,042 (-53%) 4,231,102
PS4 224,566 (-55%) 4,696,440
WiiU 167,842 (-65%) 8,745,799

Top 5
1. Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Activision, Shooter 116,360
2. Grand Theft Auto V (X360) Take-Two Interactive, Action 107,602
3. Grand Theft Auto V (PS3) Take-Two Interactive, Action 74,665
4. Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3) Activision, Shooter 71,892
5. NBA 2K14 (X360) Take-Two Interactive, Sports 54,204

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LOL what an unnecessarily trolly title. I would be extremely surpirsed of the Wii U outsold the ps4

NYC_Gamer1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Wii U should have had a huge install base being that the console released on the market one year before PS4/X1..The Wii casual crowd is gone and that leaves Nintendo stuck since they lost core gamer support along the way...I hope Nintendo is using this experience to learn/be more prepared with their next console.

NewMonday1596d ago

the site should be banned and only official sources or NPD/media create be allowed.

kneon1596d ago


Even those sources are just estimates, they are better estimates than vgchartz but they are still not accurate.

The only accurate numbers are those that go into the quarterly financial results of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

IcyEyes1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

The Xbone's sales are too high ... I still can't believe people are buying a this console after what M$ tried to do (against) us ...

Conzul1596d ago

you can lead a horse to water.....

Sharky2311596d ago

I honestly think that Nintendo needs to loosen the reigns a little. It's ok to make sure that there games are at a certain quality. What I can't stand is the way they don't want to grow up. I don't feel like I ever stopped liking Nintendo. I just feel like I out grew them.

IcyEyes1596d ago

...but MS (sometime) can make him drink.

Ps sorry for the typo in my message (there is one "a" too many)

SilentNegotiator1596d ago

PS4: "Hey Wii U! On your Right!"

(1 week later)
Xbone: "Wii U, on your left!"

mikeslemonade1596d ago


No such thing as true accuracy. Those financial statements are shipped to retailers. Remember how long it took Wii U to actually sell through 3.06 million units?? VGchartz is close enough to tell the same story.

stuff1596d ago

You're close, but I think what really happened is this... The Wii casual crowd and the kids that started gaming on Wii have moved on to PS4/XB1.

Nintendo introduced gaming to a lot of new people and part of what we are seeing now is a positive aftermath. Well, positive to everyone except Nintendo.

Unspoken1595d ago

So many more people bought the cheaper console in countries outside the US? This is shocking news!

truefan11595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

As an xbox gamer I just sit back and laugh when articles like this come out. I love to see all the ps4 fanboys getting all upset or happy about some sales like they are shareholders of sony. Also it makes me smile that the console nobody wants or the console that just sucks is doing so well. I never once expected xbox to outsell ps4, but the fact that is keeping up is a big positive while being in 24 less countries than ps4 and $100 more expensive. I don't want to hear crap about those being smaller markets, I would guess they make up at least 500,000 units. Also to see that xbox is right on the heels of Sony in terms of games sales is funny, because Ps4 doesn't have many huge sellers this year. XB1 on the other hand has titanfall (as much as ps4 fans want it to fail, it won't) and halo. All in all I say all that to say this, ps4 fans have been talking since June about the upcoming obliteration, I have yet to see it. PS for the idiots that keep saying those other countries won't matter because xbox units won't matter there, how smart was it for Sony then to waste units on a territory they would dominate anyway. I heard someone say they do market research, well that could be why the company is in trouble now. All these so called gamers in the US would have a ps4 now, and ps4 would still dominate those other countries later. Sony spread themselves to thin, when they did not need to. I dare a ps4 fanboy to dispute my logic.

Shnazzyone1595d ago

Oh well, Nintendo still has 3ds outselling ps4 and xbox one numbers combines. And Sony still has vita and microsoft still has Surface.

jaymart2k1595d ago

You mean having better graphics,gun & bood, cause that seems what Xbox/PS only like.

Fact is Nintendo has higher rated games, but I guess that doesn't matter.

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Magicite1596d ago

XONE loosing in both hardware and software sales.

Team_Litt1596d ago

Xbox One also has most sold software and hardware for the week...oh and released after the PS4...and is $100 more expensive.

Gardenia1596d ago


You have to click on Global to see the real numbers, not only of the USA

PeaSFor1596d ago

with the ridiculous amount of money MS put for ads, it better sell.

SilentNegotiator1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Losing? They're probably going to top Wii U in a week or two. Unless you subscribe to "best or else worst" mentality, I wouldn't call quickly approaching 2nd place, with about a year less time as the current 2nd, as "losing"

mikeslemonade1596d ago

No they won't top Wii U for a while. The demand will plateau soon for X1. You're only speaking U.S. numbers but for worldwide numbers it will not be soon.

mhunterjr1596d ago


I doubt the xb1 well plateau any time soon. It's only been launched in 13 territories, compared to 48 for Sony and worldwide for wiiU.

Increasing the number of places the xb1 is supported in will obviously have a positive effect on sales.

namefaceguy1596d ago

Why anyone would support Xbox one when they are literally creating a 1984 like world is beyond me. Look at yourselves. You defend a company because they make a product you like and then they make a new one that records everything you do down to where and how much your blood is pumping to. This company has already been listed by Snowden as complicit with the NSA. There is more to life than games people. The XBOne is not ethical and should be banned.

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DarkHeroZX1596d ago

Wow the X1 manages to outsell the PS4 in the US..... But then we look at WW sales and the PS4 and the PS3 totally obliterate the X1 and X360. I really hope MS has a plan, maybe a kinectless model or a price cut? Like this growing gap is going to be problematic for MS if they can't start out performing now. The fact Sony out performaned during a holiday season spells big trouble for MS as they fight to maintain relevance throughout the year where Sony really shines.

Sarcasm1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Because stock is available, there's tons of Xbox Ones everywhere.

Compared to PS4, still out of stock EVERYWHERE.

They can only make so many. They are still unable to meet the demand.

Team_Litt1596d ago

Let's ignore the 35 countries where PS4 is available but Xbox One has not launched at yet...right? Yeah, that sounds just about right.

PS4 may be "out of stock" in some places, but the Xbox One hasn't even been in stock at all in most countries worldwide...
I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, why is this logic not gravitating to everyone?

DarkHeroZX1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

@ Team

Just because Sony launched in more countries doesn't mean they had more PS4 available then the X1. Sony had a strict limit to how many PS4 consoles each territory got they focused primarily on the US and Europe. MS focused primarily where more then half the total X360 consoles sold and Europe in an attempt to hold those markets down. They could have launched in 34 territories but that would have meant less X1s available in the countries MS knows will buy them.


I'm very aware of that fact. I was able to get my hands on one of the last shipment order that Amazon was getting for the US this month earlier today, still have to recognize the X1 did sell more though even though sony has a legitimate excuse. You can still get a PS4 but not for under $500 and its not directly through amazon. However Amazon still has tons of X1 consoles readily available to purchase at any time. Went to gamestop with my girlfriend because she wanted a PS4 and all they had was Xbox 1s they couldn't even give her an estimate of when theyed have more PS4 so now she's hoping I'm gonna share with her until she can lol.

USA0071596d ago

A kinect less bundle for XB1 would be awful in my opinion. I find the menus already hard and slow to navigate, and kinect makes it a bit easier as it's voice commands allow me to skip going through apps and such to get to something

@Team_Litt although releasing in more countries might help the XB1, not by much though. Microsoft usually only gains good sales in places like US & UK, otherwise Sony usually totally outsells them everywhere else.

There are a lot more factors that go into sales than we know

Mr_Writer851596d ago

@Team Lift

You must be taking crazy pills as you CLEARLY know sweet FA about a thing called..SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

You see in the real world of business and consumer products corporations will try and make money but producing a product that people will pay for, they then make a profit, following so far.

Now the REASON Sony released in more countries than MS is because Sony did a thing called MARKET RESEARCH. And what they discovered is that demand was high. Now MS also did MARKET RESEARCH and discovered that whilst demand was high it was not AS high as the PS4.

But what they also discovered is that in territories that they had a huge market share in (US, Uk and a few other EU) that those countries had high demand for the PS4.

So if you REALLY think that MS would not of released in more countries had A) The demand been there and B) there market share in the US was under threat then you sir are a moron.

Sony released in more countries as demand was high, MS didn't as either the demand wasn't there or too little to risk taking stock away from countries that had strong demand for both.

r2oB1596d ago

@ team_lift

While you're at it, let's ignore the fact that Microsoft launched in all their major markets. Let's ignore the fact that the countries they did not launch in, did not really buy their previous console, so why chance wasting stock inmarkets they are unsure about when they can focus on the only markets they are somewhat relevant in. Seems whether they launched in more countries or not is inconsequential to their total sales. Actually, it may have had a negative effect since they would have had to take away stock from countries where Microsoft consoles actually sell.

Why is this logic not gravitating to you?

SilentNegotiator1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )


As if the Xbone is going to sell a lot in those almost entirely PlayStation-dominated countries that they didn't launch in. The story would be the same if Xbone launched in all of those same countries.

Magicite1596d ago

where do u see that x1 outsells ps4? even wiiu outsells x1.

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Derekvinyard131596d ago

Gta is gonna hit 30 mil guys this is incredible

first1NFANTRY1596d ago

Glad I can say I haven't bought my copy yet. I'm waiting for the true next gen port to ps4 then I'll pick it up.

If it's not a major upgrade then I'll skip it altogether. Most people I know tell me it gets repetitive quick.

1596d ago
3-4-51596d ago

15 Level-5 3DS games.....only 1-2 released in NA.

Not cool.

Dehnus1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

What did you expect? It is Maria and Friends from Spawnfirst. The site that is to Sony what Polygon is to Microsoft ;).

If she isn't rehashing the same news, that fanboys approve to be posted, over and over... she is writing columns how everybody is a fanboy but herself.

It's what she and Spawnfirst do. She is a Sony Fangirl, they don't love their own system... they just hate yours! ;)

So if your a Nintendo fan, like me, get used to it.

(Yes Eonjay, KaramSoul, MariaHelFutura... all the same shit to me that keep approving eachother's posts)

DC7771596d ago

Now we see how sales drop like a rock with the holidays over and most people broke.

Visiblemarc1595d ago

What are you talking about? The title indicates that the Sony has now sold more PS4's than N has Wii U' a fraction of the time.

Why is that fact 'trolly'? People are starting to confuse me. As far as gaming news it is VERY noteworthy that the successor to the Wii (last gen's best selling console)has been outsold in 6 weeks by a newly launched console after over a year on the market.

It's just news, I love Nintendo products as much as anyone, but I'm not going to cry over the facts.

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Eonjay1596d ago

The perspective says that the PS4 is within 1 million units of the the Wii U worldwide... which is less than what the Wii has sold in Japan (The only region where the Wii U has outsold the PS4). Can the PS4 overtake the Wii U globally before it arrives in Japan?

Tito081596d ago

How is it Japan the only region where Wii U outsold PS4 when PS4 isn't out there yet? You're making no sense...

Eonjay1596d ago

I was being sarcastic.

Gabenbrah1596d ago

Xbox One outsold the PS4 this week in Hardware and Software, good stuff MS.

Axios21596d ago

I think there has only been 1 week in Dec when PS4 outsold X1 in the US

FlunkinMonkey1596d ago

No offence, but any common sense? Or happy to bath in the pool of ignorance?

Bliss, right?

Axios21596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

You will know on Jan 16th at 6:30pm if NPD mirrors what you have been seeing in these articles...just like what you see now when you scroll up to the sales figures

FlunkinMonkey1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Yea? I'll be interested to see which account you use to comment from when we do see.

Riderz13371596d ago

Then you look at Europe...

MS am cry.

FITgamer1596d ago

-43% with zero supply constraints is hardly "good stuff".

frostypants1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

That's because there are more of them being provided to the US market. The fact that they are not all selling through to consumers, unlike the PS4, is telling.

Gabenbrah1596d ago

Lmfao I didn't realise so many people would be in tears from my comment, some people really have some corporate love issues.

mmc-0071596d ago

lmao look whose talking, I've seen you on every PS4 dominates xbox one article damage controlling Microsoft. One of the biggest hypocrites on N4G right here ladies and gentelmen.

insomnium21596d ago

You call that tears from your comment? Whatever gabe, whatever....smh

Bigpappy1596d ago

It is funny to see that there are sooo many Sony fanboys who feel the need to come up with and excuse as to why X1 out sold PS4. They like to label people 'apologist' when they say anything supportive of X1. Yet here they are digging for excuses when VGchartz show X1 outselling PS4 and you pointed out that simple fact. The funniest part is after all those reasons, I look back at the numbers and the what do you know? They still say the X! outsold PS4 for that week LOL.

Eonjay1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I see nothing wrong with putting spin on numbers as long as people don't misstate the facts. For example, yes we know that the PS4 is supplied constrained having launched in so many spots... but we have to admit that regardless of the reason, the Xbox One had more sales in the US last week than the PS4. People are supposed to engage in discussions that explain the numbers. I would be more entertained if you were to insinuate that the Xbox sold more BECAUSE it has higher demand. That would be an interesting position and a fun topic to discus.

Bigpappy1596d ago

I would not make that claim because I don't know that to be true. It is true that PS4 has some supply constraints, but you can not can not automatically claim that if they did not, they would outsell X1. The fact here is the VGchartz is showing X1 outselling PS4 in US. Could it be more people in the US wanted X1? Maybe. Could it be because PS4 sold out? Maybe. But the only way to argue what numbers say, is whether they are Right or WRONG.

Eonjay1596d ago

Well, thats a good point but for the purpose of discussion lets assume that it is correct. I think its fair to say that give current availability, there is demand for both.

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NatureOfLogic1596d ago

Xbox One numbers are disappointing since there's no suppy issues like PS4. Xbox One's are flooding stores yet they went -43% that's pretty bad for your strongest territory.

Eonjay1596d ago

Thats an interesting point. PS4 is MIA so a week over week loss makes sense. Xbox One sales are lower week over week because demand seems to be settling. Still 100k isn't bad right? If they can keep sales at that level they should be fine. No one knows what the average demand for the PS4 is because they do have stock to meet demand.

scott1821596d ago

It will be interesting to see Sony's stock issues when it releases in Japan, I hope Sony can start cranking these out a bit faster.

Conzul1596d ago

Careful though, if Sony squeezes the production any more then we might start seeing an increase in defective units.

tuglu_pati1596d ago


How is the PS4 MIA and my Brother got one last week?

georgeenoob1596d ago

Ps4 numbers are disappointing compared to Xbox considering it's 100 dollars cheaper.

neoMAXMLC1596d ago

Yep. Totally. How disappointing that Americans arent buying a system thats out of stock everywhere.

By the way can you touch the sky by now?

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1596d ago

You do know there's a shortage, right?

Hop in Best Buy's website and you will be able to order a X1 but you won't be able to order a PS4.

You'll say that they just need to ship more or something but the PS4 is present in 48 territories and X1 in 13, there's a cost to that strategy and we're seeing it. Japan is also coming in 5 weeks.

Kayant1596d ago

"Ps4 numbers are disappointing compared to Xbox considering it's 100 dollars cheaper" - So disappointing it's beating it in every market so far apart from Brazil.

You do know if Sony allocated the same stock as they do US & UK where more than half of the sales come from the gap will be massive because XB1 is null to most of europe.

stuna11596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Obviously you don't comprehend what you are reading! It's basically telling you how constrained the PS4 stocks are in the U.S.

While the PS4 is unable to keep up with demand, the Xbox1 has caught up with demand, and the only direction you can expect their number to go in the foreseeable future is down! Of course you'll see a bump here and there when sought out titles are released, but it's apparent that the Xbox1 is entering the after holiday demand phase, where demand is nowhere as high, but that's not saying sales are going to fall off a cliff! Microsoft concern shouldn't be the U.S anyway, it's the rest of the world.

The problem for the PS4 is entirely different, they can't meet demand! Which if given a choice isn't an entirely bad place to be at the moment. If going by GameStop assessment; The PS4 still has around 1.5 to 2 million pre-orders/back orders to fill, and that's just one retailer to go off of.

Then even if Sony are able to get supply orders sorted, it'll only be in time to see sales bumps from Imfamous:SS, and Drive Club.

So in short, at this point now is time forward, everyone will start to see which console is really the most popular and sought after console this gen, in my eyes it's pretty obvious, but for some it just hard to accept the truth! Even when it's staring them right in the face.

johndoe112111596d ago

I see common sense is not your strong point.

Exactly, that little fact escapes a lot of people who are trying to downplay the ps4 demand.

pyramidshead1596d ago

The fact that the Xbox One isn't #1 selling in NA will definitely hit Redmond home some.

Looks like MS could have done with a years head start right? ;).