82 Reasons Why we Subscribe to Xbox Live Gold


So why do we do what we do?

Well it really is all about the Games isn't it?

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ZodTheRipper1315d ago

And how many of those are free on other platforms?

GarrusVakarian1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Yep. I still can't get over the fact that MS charge their own customers for Skype, but they give it to the Vita for free....

I don't understand how MS has the nerve to put Skype, Internet Explorer and PARTY CHAT behind a paywall, there are other things that are behind a paywall that i don't agree with, but those 3 are the most insulting in my opinion. Especially party chat.

Eonjay1315d ago

There is something very wrong with paying for IE.

guitarded771315d ago

@ Eonjay

There's something very wrong with using IE.

hello121315d ago

You can use your internet properly by using HDMI out,on xb1.

I'm using my PC now actually on my xb1. I find internet explorer, only ok, i hate using a controller to navigate the web.

Skype, they give you 100 minutes free video calls, when you go on x box live.

Party is for online. Why would they have it free. It was brought in by Microsoft, for online play.

theWB271315d ago

Are people buying an X1 im order to Skype and surf the web..or are they buying an X1 to game?

I think people are buying systems to game and its crazy MP costs 60 dollars to use. And getting charged extra to play old titles. Strange how these COMPANIES are doing BUSINESS and not running CHARITIES.

Kayant1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Dat unprecedented value /s


Yep things like that are just mind boggling.

Xbox consoles almost completely useless without XBL.

One thing I recently discovered is that you are locked out of *ranked* matches in Halo 3 without XBL as I had a 48hr trial. If that happens in other games too I have no words.


"Party is for online" - Complete BS. On multiple occasions I have sat on the dashboard and continued talking my friends when they played or I played a single player game while talking to my friends.

BG115791315d ago

Wait what, Internet Explorer and Facebook are being a paywall?!? WTF!!!

GarrusVakarian1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

@ KNWS and theWB27

How you guys are actually defending MS putting such things behind a paywall amazes me, MS could insult your mothers and you would find an excuse for how it was justified.

"Are people buying an X1 im order to Skype and surf the web..or are they buying an X1 to game?

Irrelevant, IF someone chooses to stop gaming and make a skype call, they HAVE to pay for gold to use it. Unacceptable for a machine that prides itself on being an "all in one" entertainment system.

"Party is for online."

Say's who? Party chat is for whenever you feel like it. Putting party chat behind a paywall is unacceptable.

"Strange how these COMPANIES are doing BUSINESS and not running CHARITIES."

Last time i checked Sony was doing business too, but they still offers tons of features and content that aren't locked behind a paywall (many of which MS charge for), sigh.......and people wonder why MS aren't very liked these days.....

mp12891315d ago

1. because silver sucks

AngelicIceDiamond1315d ago

MS been charging players for MP among other things for years why is this a surprise?

Plus why would MS start charging Vita users? They would look more like A holes if they did.

Putting everything under a paywall isn't anything new for MS period.

As for the article. Wow the article could of saved time and said "because you can't do anything with out gold."


Ritsujun1315d ago Show
n4rc1315d ago

Cry me a river.. Its $5 a month and its well worth it..

Get a job! Lol

AngelicIceDiamond1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

@Lukas give it up. MS will continue to bank off of XBL. Sony is planning to bank off of plus and PSNOW. We need internet to play Destiny, The Division, The Crew and Titanfall oh and I'm sure more always online games will follow in the very, very near future.

Don't have internet? can't play destiny. Don't have Plus? can't play Destiny MP. But yet you still need an internet connection though. ?????

Same with Gold.

You can't spin the things that are already happening. Especially when devs (particularly Ubisoft) already stated they want Always on DRM.

We pay for the game. We pay for the service. Now we have to pay more to keep our internet going for some of these games. And we're paying for broken launch games (BF) that should of been damn near perfected WAY before release.

Spinning and arguing who's paying for what doesn't matter on next gen. The point is we're paying to freakin much now.

GarrusVakarian1315d ago


The argument isn't whether or not XBLG is worth it, but why MS put such trivial, basic apps and services behind a paywall.

DigitalRaptor1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I know man. Only a company like Microsoft could have the audacity to charge for such free features. Especially ones they personally provide for free on other platforms, even COMPETING platforms.

I mean really? People are really defending this?

Insulting is an understatement.

NukaCola1315d ago

If you don't have a Gold account you can't do much or get anything. Their free games are abysmal and a slap in the face to gamers, the service is required for anything on the internet which is free everywhere else, and 90% of the exclusive features like the Arcade and Prime all fade away. What sets Xbox apart as a better experience from other mediums if they put a paywall on everything?

PONTIAC08G8GT1315d ago

Lol who pays for an online subscription to use Netflix or browse the web? I pay for Live to play multiplayer games, not because I want to Skype. Stop making a big deal about being behind a paywall. PS users pay to play online too. That's what your paying for. Some could argue your not getting as good value as Live users are. Live, you get free full games to keep, access to all apps and features, and online gaming. For almost the same price on PS, you get to rent games, mostly indie and arcade titles, and get to game online.

Sorry but NO ONE is paying for an online subscription so they can browse the web. Majority it consumers today have tablets, cell phones, smart TV, or PCs to use for the internet and fb. I have a smart TV and I use that for amazon prime mostly. I use my cell for for Facebook majority of time. I use my Xbox for gaming. Idk anyone who says, "i gotta look something up on Facebook. Let me start up my Xbox."

Everyone complains about a paywall. How bout Sony who gave you FREE online gaming, but now you have to pay. I guess that's OK.

maniacmayhem1315d ago


So Lukas are you paying for a new console to only use Skype, IE and party chat or are you paying for a gaming console to play games?

Both systems require a subscription to access multiplayer, the number one reason to have these consoles. So why the big concern over all these non-gaming features.

It really is hilarious how concerned a certain group is when it comes to where the non gaming apps and features are placed on a dedicated gaming machine.

GarrusVakarian1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )


"So Lukas are you paying for a new console to only use Skype, IE and party chat or are you paying for a gaming console to play games? "

Where did i say that? Learn to read, please. My point is that IF i decided to stop gaming and do those things, i would NEED to pay, whereas on the PS4 i wouldn't.


You seem to be suffering from the same 'cant read properly' syndrome as maniacmayhem. You arguing about why we buy consoles is IRRELEVANT, this is about whether or not it's right for MS putting such basic things behind a paywall when it's main competitor doesn't. And also, comparing XBLG to PS plus is futile, PS plus BLOWS XBLG out of the water.

" you get to rent games, mostly indie and arcade titles, and get to game online. "

Lol what? Indie titles? On PS4 yeah, but that's only been released 2 months. PS3 you had FULL RETAIL GAMES. I'd rather rent great, relatively new games than keep old 2007 games that no one cares about. Don't compare the two, it makes you look like a massive fanboy.

PONTIAC08G8GT1314d ago

Free 2007 games no one cares about? Didn't know Halo 4 was made in 2007. Being the hardcore Sony fanboy you are id think you'd be a bit smarter. Guess not :'(

GarrusVakarian1314d ago


Halo 4? Lmao, you wish you guys got Halo 4 with games with gold. You had Halo 3, which was released in 2007. MS would never give you guys Halo 4.

As i said, comparing games with gold to PS plus is futile. You would have to be the most blind fanboy in the world to think games with gold comes anywhere close to PS plus.

Right now i can turn on my PS3 and download -

Devil May Cry (2013)
Remember me (2013)
Xcom enemy unknown (2012)
Borderlands 2 (2012)
Guacamelee (2013)
Uncharted 3 (2011)
Little Big Planet Carting (2012)

And i believe the US will be getting Bioshock Infinite.

As i said, futile to compare.

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lolCHILLbro1315d ago

Well i signed up because i dont trust Sony's online, they never believed in online gaming which is important to me, i remember them downplaying it when PS3 was being released

BG115791315d ago

Do you mean, you didn't trust Sony's Online when it was free? Strange logic...

Sayai jin1315d ago

Sony has constantly improved PSN and it will get better with time. In the PS2 era I may have agreed with you about Sony downplaying online gaming...they said at one time that online gaming was a fad and gimmicky. They could of kept that view, but instead they saw the value and launched PSN! They did not down play it with the PS3 it was the PS2.

minimur121315d ago

So, you signed up to it purely because it costs money?

GarrusVakarian1315d ago

" i dont trust Sony's online"

What? You don't trust starting a game up, choosing MP and having a fun time? Because the way i see it, that's the way it works on either console/service.

I play on PSN everyday and it's fine, just like XBL was fine when i used that for years. Exactly the same.

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Sayai jin1315d ago

I see other points of view who think everything is behind a "pay wall".

On the otherhand, I have had XBL since it's beginning. The orignal XBL was for multiplayer it did not have any other features. I paid $49 a year, actually way back then MS would put free 6 month and 1 year subscription cards in random games cases. Anyways, It has grown and added party (cross game as well), apps (skype, netflix, etc), IE (not a fan of it), and other of the latest is Xbox Live Games for Gold. The price increased by $10 a few years ago, but I just look at most of these features as added content. So I understand the pay wall view, but do not agree.

Gozer1315d ago

I too have had Live a number of years, 9 years. Its amazing all the things MS has added over the years. I don't see how anyone can tolerate PSN on the ps3. I don't know about the ps4, but with the X1 we can expect dedicated servers to go with our online play. I have never minded paying for Live. Its $60 a year, that's only $5 a month. Its still worth it to me to pay for Live.

DigitalRaptor1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

It's supposedly fine to deflect blatant anti-consumerism with your opinion on what a next-generation service entails, or what you think is okay to pay $5 a month for. I'd like to know how anyone can possibly not even question Microsoft for taking advantage of subscribers of their premium service by padding it out with FREE services. I mean what's the point, and what do they gain - I mean REALLY gain - from restricting free features from those who just want to use them, like they can on any and every other ecosystem?

An illusion of superiority, what is it? Xbox Live is an excellent service, but why ignore anti-consumerism only for your convenience?

How many Xbone games have used dedicated servers so far?

Remind me, Gozer. Do you recall that Sony PlayStation has been working with RackSpace for years in regards to cloud-technology? Do you recall that they closed a deal with RackSpace in 2013 to work with them as an 'enterprise level customer' to deploy dedicated OpenStack cloud servers for their gaming services? http://www.playstationlifes...

So you can brag about a lineup of Xbone games that can use Xbox Compute resources if they wish to, but Sony is also doing that with their services so that advantage (if it can be called that) will diminish at some point.

Sony beat Microsoft to the punch in terms of cloud computing (Gaikai), when they unveiled that PlayStation Now would roll out in summer 2014, and beta starting this month. Their cloud benefits have made themselves apparent before Microsoft's, and they said less about it and have done more. They have the stronger and better gaming console, and also have the ability to leverage the cloud benefits too.

dragon821315d ago


PS3 had plenty of games with dedicated servers. it's ok that you think XBLG is worth the price but pretending that the 360 and X1 are the only consoles around with dedicated servers is just plain stupid. Only a complete fanboy would do that.

Gozer1315d ago

I don't think anyone would argue that Live is superior to Ps3 PSN. No party chat is a deal breaker imo. I have no clue how much sony has invested into the cloud. But Im sure its not 11 billion like MS did. Its early in the gen, but Id be willing to wager that MS solution will be stable, reliable, and easy to use. If sony is using some underfunded 3rd party server farm, you can bet there will be an impact on online play. Maybe when PSN has had paid subscribers as long as MS we might see sony try to compete with Live.

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cyguration1315d ago

Hm, I can pay for YouTube on XBL or watch it for free on PC?

Hard decisions... hard decisions.