Sony Explores Promising Chinese Market, Nintendo has “No Plans” for China, No Comment from Microsoft

The Central Government of the People’s Republic of China finally lifted the ban on foreign game consoles a few days ago, and many are wondering what the big three console manufacturers will do and whether they'll jump to the chance of a promising and enormous untapped market or not.


Update: a different spokesman from Nintendo said that the company is "studying what it can do" in China.

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XiSasukeUchiha1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Sony Chinese domination confirmed, hopefully Nintendo explores the chinese market soon!

Nero13141676d ago

Chinese people don't like Japanese people lol

True_Samurai1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

No no stop let him live in his fantasy world lol

NewMonday1676d ago

maybe the ultra nationalists, but as far as trade they are very close.

the VitaTV is perfect for China at $100

scott1821676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

but Chinese loveee Americans. /s
No console maker will have an easy time there.

My_precious1676d ago

same for 'murica's product, you just underestimated the mind of communist ppl

worldwidegaming1676d ago

The chinese will hack the console to hell.
They should know better.

Wenis1676d ago

The average Chinese person simply cant afford a PS4 or any game console. So I doubt there will be any 'domination' for years to come until their wages get higher.

UltimateMaster1676d ago

So PS4 will be the first to test the waters and see whether or not there is a potential of growth.

Nintendo and Microsoft will look at Sony and see what fails and what succeeds.

Either way, Sony will need to increase production of PS4s, if they start in China, they'll be a lack of units here in the US and they'll loose the race in North America.

bothebo1676d ago


Thank you for an intelligent comment that is actually true about foreign policy between Japan and China.

fenome1676d ago

Either way, that's a huge sum of the world population that just got open to console makers. It's a damn good place to test the waters as far as statistics go, even if 75% of the population resisted and 25% were feeling rebellious (for lack of btter term) that would still amount to 54, 227,702.5 consoles sold. Yes, that is an actual statistic, I just looked it up and figured it out :D

What happens when a kid can't have chocolate his whole life until he's a teenager and has to hear everyone talk about it 'till he's a teenager? He's gonna pig-out

Rimeskeem1676d ago

Well they dont like americans also so MS got screwed there

Wenis1676d ago

I don't know why my comment is getting disagrees. The average wage in China is only about $6000 USD a year or $500 a month. How can one afford a $400 PS4 making only $500 a month and having to pay for food, rent, etc.?

Of course there are a lot of people making more than this, but the actual market of people who can afford to buy an expensive item like this in China is still a lot smaller than most people assume.

N4g_null1676d ago

Confirmed the ps4 will be the first console fully hacked...

badz1491676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


you ignorant kid. they don't like America too.

but to think back about it, they might actually "like" America better, that's why data from the Security firm in the USA stated that there are multiple attempts of cyber attack to America from China everyday!

dredgewalker1676d ago

I didn't disagree but the chinese do use credit cards too. China has a huge potential in the gaming market since it's an almost untouched frontier for gaming consoles. I also find it odd that people here are saying that the chinese hate anything japanese when the manga and anime culture there is thriving.

Clarence1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Chinese don't like Americans either. Also some Sony products are manufactured in China.

RedDevils1675d ago

but they love Japanese made product, ask any Asian they would preferred Japanese product

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Magicite1676d ago

who takes China, will dominate the world!

1676d ago
Ps4Console1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

This market is for Ms to take with the huge conflict going on over Senkaku islands in the East China Sea & there is also anti Japanese felling over trade as well & conflict over China letting off missiles in the South China Sea all the time .

Anyhow within a year it will be copied the consoles will like they copied BMW , Toyota ,
Apple , just a few there but much more & there is nothing anyone can do , they even have apple shops that are not Apple but have done a great job though Apple have signed a deal with China just to try & open there own stores to get some money back but it means nothing I would stay away honestly .

DC7771676d ago

I will bet with very low income the 3DS will be huge there.

Thunderhawkxbox1676d ago

Do u really think chineses people will buy jap product ? Nope they won't they hate japan and their product

VermithraxPejorative1675d ago

There's a lot of cultural resentment toward the Japanese but you can't assume the people won't buy their products. I have a friend from Beijing and she absolutely loves anime. I can really see Japanese games being huge there.

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Batnut001676d ago

All I can do is wish them luck in a country dominated by PC gaming and rampant piracy.

FamilyGuy1676d ago

These were my exact thought. Even though China is huge, population in the billions huge, but are they will to buy legit?

Concertoine1676d ago

Thats what i was about to say lol. Its so rampant nintendo themselves released that one console there exclusively, where it probably flopped.

Tru_Blu1675d ago

Good luck getting Cheohotz Sony

Naga1676d ago

"No comment from Microsoft?" It's old news that they have been working partnerships within China to develop there... There was even talk of producing an entire new console solely for the Chinese market through a Chinese company.

Abriael1676d ago

They didn't offer a comment specific on the console market. The partnership is not for importing consoles to china.

And "talks" are just talks.

Naga1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I understand that there has been no specific comment on the part of Microsoft with regard to importing the Xbox One, but the inroads they have been making elsewhere is indicative of a very clear intent to have involvement in the Chinese console industry. I'm almost positive you are aware of the story I'm referring to, but in case it slipped by:

(Forbes, along with other publications, ran an article in September about the new partnerships and projects. N4G won't let me post the link from my phone...)

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you?

MultiConsoleGamer1676d ago

You are correct. The Chinese Xbox has been in development for some time. 360 already ships to Hong Kong and Xbox One will hit later this year.

I wonder if the author bothered to actually contact Microsoft? And if he did, would MS give an honest answer to someone working for a playstation site?

ZainreFang1676d ago

I'm not trusting a spokesperson, those guys are always wrong about things. Did you know that a Nintendo spokesperson/representative said Wii U is 19x as powerful as PS3? I'm just gonna wait for what Iwata has to say on January 29th.

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