LittleBigPlanet Open Beta Will Never Happen

PS3 Fanboy Writes

"We had the opportunity to speak at length with various LittleBigPlanet producers at PlayStation Day, as well as get some hands-on time with the title. Top of our discussion list was the beta. We wanted to know as much as possible about when it's coming and have done since it was implied last July"

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Homicide3487d ago

That sucks. I was really loooking forward to it. At least the game is still coming out this year though.

THE_JUDGE3487d ago

Thats the most important part besides the game itself.

Will-UK3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Bad News but its still coming out this year

PimpHandHappy3487d ago

i understand why it could be cool for many ppl but for me it might not play out

Im not a big fan of platformers. I havent played a RnC game ever


this game seems like it is trying to put a real nice twist on platform games. I will wait and see what ppl do with it b4 i make a sack man

Kleptic3487d ago

who cares...just get the game done...