Greatest JRPGs Of Last Generation

Gaming Union: "With the latest launch of consoles into the 8th generation of gaming, we decided it was look back at the 7th generation and ponder its contributions. It’s easy enough to see that many of the genres we have grown to love have ultimately evolved over the course of these many years, some more than others. But one that seems to have taken one of the largest leaps is definitely the JRPG genre."

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NatureOfLogic1619d ago

Ni no kuni is better than FFXII, XIII and XIII-2 imho. If you're a jrpg fan there's no way you can miss playing this game.

ZodTheRipper1619d ago

It's even better than Pokemon imo ...I only liked Demon's Souls even more.

richierich1619d ago

There weren't that many Great JRPGS last generation

ZodTheRipper1619d ago

Unfortunatel that is true, this genre needs to be revived on PS4.

richierich1619d ago

For real luckily I think Kickstarter might be the answer to lack of JRPGS I hope SE don't screw up FF15

OrangePowerz1619d ago

There might have been less, but I think thr quality of the great ones we got was better compared to the previous generation.

DCfan1619d ago

Glad they mentioned Valkyra Chronicles, but sad aswell because Resonance of Fate doesn't get any recognition.

DualWielding1619d ago

Yah Resonance of Fate deserves some recognition, other titles missing from the list:

Pokemon Heart/Gold Soul Silver (Great Remake of the Best Pokemon titles ever)

Persona 3 Portable (The addition of a female lead was really a game changer) actually I would say this was the best JRPG of the last generation overall.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Which I think is the best title in the whole series)

ndub3171618d ago

Lost odyssey needs some recognition as well I'm not a fan of the xbox but I know a good rpg when I see one.