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Deep Down’s Amazon Listings With Price Might Hint to Possible Physical or Premium PSN Release

Deep Down is a free to play downloadable game. Its business model involves players downloading the game for free and then providing revenue to Capcom via microtransactions, possibly bound to the game’s player housing and more. Yet listings for the game have popped up on multiple amazon stores, and some actually have a pricetag attached, possibly hinting to a premium release, packaged or on PSN. (Deep Down, PS4)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   478d ago
Cool options for sure this is going to be to fun with Deep down
guitarded77  +   478d ago
It's not. Amazon lists F2P games listed for their DLC, or before game conformation is out. When all the details for a game are not official, Amazon has the game listed as a place holder... they also sell DLC, so the placeholder can be used to sell in-game credits and whatnot.

Amazon doesn't charge until ship time, so the "pre-order" is nothing more than a queue.
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UltimateMaster  +   478d ago
As long as you can get a physical copy of the game that includes everything, that would be perfect.
guitarded77  +   477d ago
I really doubt there will be a physical copy. The game has to install to the HD anyway, so it would be defeating the purpose of a F2P online game.
Ps4Console  +   477d ago
Just hope it is not a free game or otherwise I won't be getting the game because you will pay a lot more than you pay for an ordinary AAA game .
rarity  +   478d ago
Premium release huh?.....hmm...interesting.... .
Snookies12  +   478d ago
I really hope you'll just have the option to buy it and not have to worry about any F2P in-game purchase crud.
Abriael  +   478d ago
A full option like that is unlikely. Normally what they do with this kind of game is giving you a package with the initial microtransactions (or some of them) and an amount of in-game money that'll have you set for a while, but not forever.
Snookies12  +   478d ago
Yeah, I'm fully expecting that unfortunately... I can always hope though, right?
Kingthrash360  +   478d ago
love the game hate the f2p tho...just dont like opening my wallet more than once for 1 game. 59.99 with everything open great...free but .99 for this and that i just dont like.
the premium will be just as abriael described, sadly.
Vanna  +   478d ago
I would like the same snookies

A shame as just a normal purchase game would still sell, lets be honest it looks so good practically every ps4 owner will buy it and its looking like that will be the many millions now
azshorty2003  +   477d ago
Agreed. I hate F2P games. I'm such a cheap @$$ I refuse to buy the microtransactions, even if the game didn't cost anything up front. It's just a psychological thing I think.

Part of it is 'do I buy this item? what happens if I don't like it? Do I wait and see if they come out with something better?'
il-JumperMT  +   478d ago
I hate pay to win games (All F2P Games are Pay To Win except for DOTA2 and HoN)

I would prefer if this game was buy and not F2P
Destrania  +   478d ago
No, not all f2p games are pay-to-win, but I know what you mean.
stavrami-mk2  +   478d ago
its the only way i will give capcom money so i hope they do it.not holding my breath though more like amazon posting and not knowing whats going on with it
nyobzoo  +   478d ago
I wouldn't mind buying a disc version as it'll save me the time of downloading it
Bundi  +   477d ago
There is a criminal lack of vital information in this headline.
I mean is this game a PS4 exclusive?
Is it absolutely fantastic/awesome/mind blowingly realistic and impressive??
These things SHOULD be in the headline so that we know!

Psssh!! Gaming journalism, amarite?

On topic, a premium version without all the free to play nonsense would be awesome.
I wish this business model would just die already, I can't believe people were so excited by it. It has brought us nothing but mediocre games.
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DigitalRaptor  +   477d ago
Mmmm, salty.

On topic: I highly doubt this is the case. Sounds like an Amazon employee adding PS4 games to their database, not realising Deep Down it's free-to-play downloadable.
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jakmckratos  +   477d ago
Good. I just don't believe in a F2P model for such a cool game.
Many-hat5  +   477d ago
I think the general idea behind F2P is that the game can be completed without any in game purchases - it just may be more difficult. Of course, Capcom isn't likely to go that way imo. More likely, pay to win with these guys, but here's hoping I'm wrong.
tigertron  +   477d ago
Amazon and the like just listed Deep Down before they found out it was a downloadable F2P title and haven't updated their databases yet.
HeroReborn  +   477d ago
Come on some of my Sony fans let's stop using these gentle words like interesting and premium. This model makes me sketchy about this game along with that it's a Capcom game which overall as a company is not doing very well finically at the moment. The games they have produce as well have not been up to the standards of the past. On top of them losing the rights to the Marvel franchise they are barley hanging in there. Yes the game looks good will it play well, will there be depth aside from micro-transactions I doubt it.

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