Harder to Develop Games on Wii U? Renegade Kid says No.

"Recently a popular website released an article that was from an “anonymous Third Party developer” which chronicled the “struggle” of developing games for the Wii U. From basic programming to online structure to dealing with Nintendo, the article took place during the launch window of the system. The article then concludes that is why Third Party companies tend to shy away from the Wii U. Curious, I decided to Tweet my friend Jools Watsham over at Renegade Kid to see his stance on this, since the anonymity would be null and void. I received back the following exclusive information."

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yewles11652d ago

"The lack of 3rd party support is the same as it was for 3DS at the beginning of its life. Look at how that’s doing now."

No it's not, not by a long shot.

kgamer201652d ago

Where did you get that quote from, because it's not in the article?

Kayant1652d ago

It's there. The last tweet.

Ck1x1652d ago

To be honest though he's kind of right it is very similar! Because even with the 3ds outselling everything, it currently receives its 3rd party support mostly from Japanese studios and Indie studios.(Western publishers are making Vita games before 3ds) Granted some of the 3rd party Japanese games aren't to the level yet of 3ds games, I think year 2 for the WiiU will prove a lot better gamewise than year 1 easily...

cleft51652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Year 2 for WiiU is going to bring Fire Emblem x Shin Megami, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Brothers, Hyrule Warriors, potentially the new Zelda game, Mario Kart 8, X, and Donkey Kong to name a few that we know about. So yes, Year 2 will be very promising for the WiiU and if you are like me and have been waiting on buying a WiiU that means you have all of the amazing WiiU games from Year 1 to play as well.

Without a doubt Year 2 is going to be very promising for WiiU. I think all of doom and gloom talk is just silly. While, I wouldn't say only buy a WiiU if you do have a WiiU and a good PC or PS4 you will easily be set.

deafdani1651d ago

Then you didn't pay attention. 3DS's third party support on its first year was dreadful, dude, and a lot of 3DS third party games were cancelled on its first year. A LOT.

It's not 100% identical to the Wii U scenario, of course, but it's similar enough to draw comparisons.

deSSy27241651d ago

The difference between desktop consoles and portable consoles. Wii U has some 3rd party support but Wii U has not so many games which were released for PS3/360/PS4/X1/PC. Nintendo 3DS has good 3rd party support but Vita has 3rd party support do.... but here is the catch, 3DS games ARE NOT multiplatform games or in other words, games for 3DS are not relased for Vita and vice versa.

In other words, Wii U is in BIG TROUBLE.

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Benjaminkno1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Who needs a paragraph for some pointless opinion?

WiiU should be easier as it's not as powerful.

Third party devs don't want the daunting task of competing against Nintendo or they just don't know how to market their games to their audience. Ubisoft, Capcom, Sega do I suppose.

But it seems like you see articles like this and remember that Sony and MS basically threw billions of dollars at gamers last generation to build a fanbase and they're hoping that it's going to pay off.

SirNintend01652d ago

It's not pointless when the co-owner of a company that has worked on both Wii U and PS3 says that.

Dravidian1652d ago

To an extent that can be true, but when working with different hardware your have to remember that there is a level of familiarity that must be over come (tried and true techniques on what you're familiar with may not work on the new hardware, making it "difficult" to work with) and the fact that attention and resources must be split between multiple systems while learning the new hardware.

Cant take every comment like that at face value.

Chrischi19881652d ago

Easier because its not as powerful? Because its less powerful, its harder to put the same level of visuals in a game, as on a more powerful console, because the more powerful requires less optimization.

Chrischi19881651d ago

Ok, just to understand the disagrees, you all truly believe, more powerful hardware is harder to develop for? So why dont we play our games on a windows 3.86, it should be easiest to make any game run on it, or an Apple 1.

admiralvic1652d ago

"WiiU should be easier as it's not as powerful."

Power is only a factor if the game in question needs to be downscaled to work on the Wii U. What matters is how it is structured, which is why the PS3 was considered hard to develop for.

Benjaminkno1651d ago

Yeah, especially because Skyrim, one of the most impressive and revolutionary games developed is horribly broken on Ps3...
...which is gaming blasphemy.

Let me reiterate how truly horrifying of a FACT it is that Bethesda didn't delay the broken version of Skyrim.

SilentNegotiator1651d ago

"WiiU should be easier as it's not as powerful"

You're clearly an expert in game development.

Benjaminkno1651d ago

Everyone has agreed that WiiU has much simpler architecture in the hardware in comparison to their competitors, therefore rendering it easier to develop for.

It's not really hard to understand.

Chrischi19881651d ago

Simpler architecture as an x86? I dont know, where you got that from... The IBM is the hardest to develop for, its doable, but it needs some time. Since when is it easier to develop games for Wii U? I am a supporter of the Wii U, but I never heard any of this...

deSSy27241651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Google: "FarCry Wii vs FarCry PS3/360". Best example of what "being on par" means.

Fact is, Wii U is not on par with PS4/X1. Wii U doesnt needs to be the strongest console out there but Wii U should have been atleast on par with X1 and PS4 (lets say 1-3 times weaker is/could be acceptable but not 10 times weaker than PS4/X1 like the Wii U).

Benjaminkno1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Yeah, but we keep getting better looking games and little differences in experience.

What can Ps4 do that Ps3 can't besides social networking and a little more PC function?

Everybody bitches about Nintendo not coming out with anything "new" and are too repetitive while all the "gamers" gobble up GTA, COD, and Assassin's Creed.

I think politics is ruining the gaming industry.

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XiSasukeUchiha1652d ago

Wii U is going to make a comeback

cleft51652d ago

X is easily going to be a system seller for Nintendo, I know I will buy a WiiU when that game comes out.

M-M1652d ago

The Wii U has potential it's just poorly marketed. First mistake is that they make it seem like the Wii U is an add-on for the Wii.

Activemessiah1652d ago

To hell with the third party games, we have other consoles for that... I say focus on first and second party and keep the games coming... nobody is asking 3rd party games for the Wii U.

ZainreFang1652d ago

People are asking for those, but I don't think they actually WANT them. Everyone would just get the PS4/XBO/PC version so people are asking for games they won't buy.

McScroggz1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I understand that most people buy a Nintendo console for Nintendo games. Nintendo makes some great 1st party stuff (even if I'd like to see them make more new IP's). But Nintendo cannot continue to see their home console market decline, because at some point they will just lose money and stop making home consoles. So saying it doesn't matter to you is fine, but it IS a problem Nintendo needs to solve.

Benjaminkno1651d ago

They're combining the handheld and home console systems.
Most likely what the Vita should be able to do right now with the Ps4, but it does not.

Maybe we can expect a Vita released with two more triggers. I'd pay good money for that.

TheDivine1651d ago

I don't care for multiplats as I have a ps4 for those. What I want from third parties are exclusives like Bayanetta 2, Wonderful 101, Tales, SMT, The Last Story, and games the 3ds gets like Etrian Odyssey, Phoenix Wright, and Rune Factory. The type of games that don't generally come to other systems (although Tales games have ramped up lately on ps3).

A few amazing third party exclusives alongside of a first party lineup at least as good as the 3ds and we will have one of my favorite consoles ever. Add in gamepad controls for offscreen wii games, GameCube VC games with offscreen play and I'm in heaven.

Activemessiah1651d ago

Agreed, i was referring to multiplats hence the owning other consoles.

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