So many games, so little time: The pitfalls of PlayStation Plus

PSU's Kyle Prahl writes:

"But longtime PS Plus subscribers can attest that a wealth of excellent titles, all dropped in a single month, is not always a good thing. The monetary value of PS Plus is undeniable, but its true value proposition--the entertainment and fun you experience while a subscriber--depends greatly on the pace of game releases and their consistent quality."

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_QQ_1654d ago

This article should also be about steam, or mostly... i picked up 17 amazing games of my choice for less that 50$ during winter sale. i know people who have up to 70 games of their choice in their backlog and didn't even spend the price of 3 games. I guess thats why people call PC gamers pirates because with steam sales we are pretty much stealing.

ShinMaster1654d ago

About PS Plus. There are always more games than I have time to play, so I just leave them in my Downloads List until I do have the time and space.

This is a non-issue.

miyamoto1654d ago

No.I tried Steam and does not even have the games I wanna play nor interested in playing. Steam is so Western nary a Japanese game there.

Having mega tons of great games to play.
paying $50 a year to be playing many games valued many times over is a better issue than having no games at all on your platform.

_QQ_1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

are you talking about how PC had more exclusives than all 3 consoles combined in the year 2013?

miyamoto1654d ago

I want discounted Japanese games like.

Shadow of the Colossus HD
Ni No Kuni
Dragon's Crown
Resident Evil 4 HD
Resident Evil Code Veronica HD
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles HD
Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles HD
Resident Evil Revelations
No More Heroes
House of the Dead Overkill
Odin Sphere
MGS 3 Snake Eater
MGS Peacewalker
Devil May Cry HD
Sonic Adventure HD
Shinobi HD
Black Rock Shooter The Game
Final Fantasy VII

and many more Japanese Games

_QQ_1653d ago

Funny because final fantasy 7 and 8 were both 75% and 50% off on steam during winter sale. shows that you don't actually use steam.
most of those games can actually be free on PC.

marinelife91653d ago

I can't believe someone is actually complaining about receiving free games. Sony is over delivering on PS Plus and he has a beef with it?

You don't have to play the games that month you can wait until a slow month and go back and play the games you didn't have time for.

johndoe112111653d ago

What are you doing arguing steam on a ps+ article? Did the article even mention steam? Did anyone ask you about steam and your opinion of it? why are you trolling? Are there not enough pc articles for you to post on?

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DEEBO1654d ago

Sorry for my language but fuck that! keep it coming sony.
i just join playstation+ with the ps4 (2 years&2 months worth of service )and the question i keep asking myself is what took me so long.
i don't have to buy another game for my ps3 and vita maybe two more
lords of shadows and darksouls 2 but then i'm done.
just wait for monthly updates from plus and use my money for ps4,wiiu and x1 games.
man you younger generation don't know how good you got it right now.

gta_manic1654d ago

First world problems....

DanielGearSolid1654d ago

Being overwhelmed with gaming goodness... Thats a good problem to have

MasterofMagnetism1653d ago

Been a member since the very beginning and have played tons of great games that I never would have tried without plus. Love the service.

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