Why GTAO's Economy is Bad for the Community

JunkieMonkeys: "The proof is in the pudding, they say. Grand Theft Auto Online, in essence, is that gift your aunt whom you haven't seen in 5 years gets you for your 15th birthday. A Candyland puzzle set to accompany what should have been a video game or something. The missions can be fun, the races can be fun, the deathmatches can be fun. You know, all like a Candyland puzzle could be. But after you finish that puzzle, don't you want something more? Something more than, I just finished a puzzle. What next?"

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Derekvinyard131564d ago

I got my rank 100 and left, it can be fun and I agree with the authors hate but I still give credit to rockstar for trying this idea out. I still haven't played an online game (on consoles) that does what gta online does. It may be beneficial for them on next gen consoles with a huge map with 32 players on it. I had fun with it. Also had a lot of frustration to

jayswolo1564d ago

yes but they also took away choice and freedom from the players. Pre-launch they said players would have the ability to create their own lobbies with their own settings, and that never happened.

I'm sure a lot of people would rather have access to everything and not have to deal with Rockstar's system. I mean hell, we can't even have LAN or host our own servers because of all that persistent world stuff. So when Rockstar's service is down, so is GTAO.

Niv1564d ago

Rockstar shudv made everything free and keep em as unlocks. Also 100% unlockes shudnt take forever to reach.
Call of duty is much better wen it comes to mp except for ghosts.
Microtransactions have ruined everything

ExposingLames1558d ago

the mistake was killing the payout of the races and the missions. They already don't have near enough missions to do. and when they did that it made things worse....and coming off a TERRIBLE and bug filled start to things it was just bad from the start and they only made things worse. The fact it was broken and incomplete to start with really set the tone.