Retro Studios discuss their “symbiotic relationship” with Nintendo

Nintendo Insider writes:

In a lengthier interview discussing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Retro Studios president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh has discussed the company's "symbiotic relationship" with Nintendo.

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M3TR01DFANBOY1501d ago

Nintendo SPD. sounds like a sentai crossover

1501d ago
for we are many1501d ago

I love the 2nd party culture that's characteristic of Nintendo. It produced outstanding studios, talents and unforgettable games. I want Nintendo to focus more on expanding its dynasty of exclusive games and content and spawn more 2nd party studios and collaborations especially in the face of 3rd party's neglect for Nintendo and general media negativity and indoctrination, and I believe that things are looking good for that matter with the recent big recruitments for Retro/Monolith, new HQ building for Nintendo/Intelligent Systems and strong relations with Platinum Games. In doing so Nintendo can become fully self-sufficient and maintain its own direction over R&D, quality assurance and timetables without the need to conform to the 3rd money-hatting modus operandi, and that would benefit gamers and serve to counteract monopoly and generic "cloning" tendencies that permeates the industry.

nigelp5201501d ago

I hope they make a sequel to Geist or Starfox

neogeo1501d ago

They need to get back to Metroid after that last disaster with Namco.

deafdani1501d ago

Other M was far from a disaster. Sure, it wasn't as well received as the Prime games, but it still got a pretty decent critical reception overall... and it was a blast to play, gameplay wise.

It just commited the cardinal sin of not being what fans expected (lack of exploration and bad narrative being the culprits here). That aside, it was still a good game on its own.

REDBEARD1501d ago


It wasn't NAMCO. It was Team Ninja

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