New Ninja Gaiden 2 gameplay

Ryu Hayabusa has to fight against werewolves, fiend bugs and the regular old spider ninjas.

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kapedkrusader3576d ago

...not trying to put it down. They raised the bar so high on the first one that you can't really blame them.

BeaArthur3576d ago

With one important change. You can now completely dismember people instead of just decapitating them.

Bladestar3576d ago

I think it should.. it's an iteration.... I was hoping they stay true to the IP and do not try some stupid stun ala Nintendo.. and change the IP completely like they did to Zelda, Metroid and Mario... damn.. I which they could make a Zelda that plays like Zelda 3 for Snes... intead of making the damn game 3D... I rather developers to just create a new IP than to dramatically change an IP...

Homicide3576d ago

It looks freaking amazing, like always. =)

dachiefsman3576d ago

i can't wait to play this game.....not to much longer!!!!


This,whilst not being the most graphically perfect games of the year (still amazing though) will have gameplay that is second to none.

Vespertine3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

The graphics and gameplay are stunning.

When the game is released I will purchase it and I will enjoy it like I've done to past Ninja Gaiden games.

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The story is too old to be commented.