VisionTek CryoVenom Liquid Cooled 290 Gaming VGA Hands-On

GamersNexus: "We caught up with AMD video card manufacturer VisionTek at CES 2014, where the company unveiled its new liquid-cooled R9 290 – the “CryoVenom R9 290.” VisionTek partnered with EKWB to couple the R9 290 with an aftermarket open loop liquid cooling block; the block can be integrated with any compatible open loop system for proper cooling functionality."

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xJumpManx1648d ago

VisionTek + Liquid = Disaster

I have owned multiple VisionTek cards and I can say quality and reliability is not their strengths.

Sieg1648d ago

It would be more interesting if it were custom PCB and not just EK block. Maybe some HK or XSPC?