Kingdom Under Fire II Can Display 10K Characters In a Single Map

Blueside CEO Sejung Kim announces that their Blueside Engine is capable of displaying over 10K characters in a map of Kingdom Under Fire II.

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Alexious1649d ago

The amazing thing is that it runs on a toaster, although with less detail of course. It seems like they've done a great job at optimizing the game, which is probably why it got delayed so many times.


Huh, tbh I did forget about this game, did even the first episode come out? Or it was Japan only ? Talking about next-gen, Lair (flop or not) managed to pull 13k various units from soldiers to rhinos to dragons to epic scale bosses at the same time in a surface of 50 square km with almost 1080p res and just using less than the half of Ps3 power.

Anthotis1649d ago

Titanfall devs - take note.

ThatCanadianGuy5141649d ago

No wonder there's no xbox one version.

kaiserfranz1649d ago

Now now, don't be mean. They sure could, at 720P/30 FPS

Bdub20001649d ago

I get it... When there's an Xbox one exclusive, it's because Microsoft is a greedy controlling company. When it's a PS4 exclusive it's because the X1 can't handle it.

If PS4 is so much better, why do you have to argue the point? If X1 is so weak, why isn't there a single game that actually looks better on it? *insert comment here on how they *will* be better, LOL. I own both by the way...

Everyone argues why a Mustang is better than a camaro or vic. Versa because they are so evenly matched. No one argues a Ford focus is better than a Ferrari. Just saying, if PS4 is so much better, why you gotta slam the X1 (yes, ps4 has way better graphic stats, but that's not my point)

rarity1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

This isn't a ps4 exclusive it's on pc too

ThatCanadianGuy5141649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Mustangs? camaro's? greedy controlling companies? What are you even rambling about?

Xbone is weak.
It's weak and can't handle the amount of AI on screen.

That was my point.

Noobz11649d ago

It just shows the ignorance that plagues this site. This game was originally for Xbox 360 and pc then it moved to ps3 and now it's coming to PS4 and pessimistic instead. It's been in development for 6 years and the pc requirements are very low. So it has nothing to do with the X1 and how powerful it is. But any chance the community here can rag on the X1 they will not hesitate.

thezeldadoth1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

its sad that you even have 11 agrees

Bdub20001649d ago

And how do we know that's why x1 can't handle it? Is there a reference you can share? Would you also share system requirements with me? That would help prove your statement. I didn't see those printed anywhere.

thezeldadoth1648d ago

^ i was talking about "thatcandianguy14" comment

SirBradders1649d ago

Just keeps getting better.

Grimhammer001649d ago

Wait.....wasn't this originally a 360 exclusive? Now who's getting it? Wtf is going on. I'm confused. Lol

Alexious1649d ago

Originally it was scheduled for 360, then it moved to PS3 and now PS4. There's also a PC version, anyway.

Grave1649d ago

This game looks incredibull!

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The story is too old to be commented.