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Xbox One vs PS4 in 2014: Which Has the Best Games?

The dust has settled on the launch of PS4 and Xbox One, and after mediocre launch lineups for both consoles it’s time to take a look at what’s coming next. This article will look at all the exclusives coming out over the first half of 2014, so you can make your decision as to which console is going to the best throughout the year (spoiler alert: it’s the Xbox One). (Driveclub, inFamous: Second Son, Kinect Sports Rivals, Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Project Spark, PS4, The Witness, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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johndoe11211  +   601d ago
Depends on which system yo support.
PeaSFor  +   601d ago
all i know is im gonna play Infamous:SS on my PS4 and TitanFall on my pc, so win win for me i guess.
GrizzliS1987  +   601d ago
garden warfare isnt an exclusive.
project spark LOL?
and he mentions titanfall, which is on PC.

Names exclusives for the PS4, without including witness or the order for 2014?

gives the "title" to xbone.

website on ignorelist. good job ruining all your credibility you scrubs "talking shi7"
IcyEyes  +   601d ago
Is that article a joke or what ?
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georgeenoob  +   601d ago

X1 easily wins, it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

Let's compare:
X1 - Halo, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, D4, Fable, Project Spark, Black Tusk game

Ps4 - Infamous, The Order, Driveclub

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zombie-fun544  +   601d ago
X1 - Halo, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fable, Project Spark, Black Tusk not any these games are caming this year
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pedrof93  +   601d ago

What about the rest ?
PassiveAttack  +   601d ago
I have my feet planted in both camps, but this article is just shameful. Totally biased and left a lot out on both sides. Think X1 has the stronger line up now and near future. PS4 the stronger line up over the course of 2014. Still a lot to be announced for both sides so that may very well change.
ShinMaster  +   601d ago
@ georgeenoob

You know most of those games listed aren't even coming out this year, right?
guyman  +   601d ago
Georgenoob - that's just your opinion. Here's mine:titanfall, which is a multiplayer focused game, doesn't really interest me and is a overhyped piece of garbage. As for quantum break, sunset overdrive and halo; they should be great.. Sony have better first party studios and have a lot of third party studios working on quality games that will be announced soon. Sony ftw!
mediate-this  +   601d ago
We believe you
guitarded77  +   601d ago
Not to piss anyone off, but when MS went to E3, they pretty much blew their wad of games in development. They announced most of their titles in the first year window.

Sony stuck to launch (launch window) titles (1st quarter of 2014). The Order falls outside that window, and Uncharted was recently announced, but Sony has a lot to announce for 2014. E3 will be big for them again, while I predict MS will have fewer announcements, and spend more time showing gameplay from Halo, possibly CoD and other titles.

Point is, Sony still has a lot held back, while MS has fewer unannounced projects. January is not the best time to predict which console will have a better 2014.
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DigitalRaptor  +   601d ago
See. This is just typical of Xbone fanbois.

Lists all the Xbone games they've heard of despite whether or not they're all confirmed for 2014. Ignores the PS4 games they care not to list.

By your standards, I could embarrass your Xbone list to no end.
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Noobz1  +   601d ago
Grizzli, they do mention the witness. This article is also comparing titles coming on each system. That is why Titsnfall and Garden Warfare is mentioned. Not everyone plays games on the Pc which explains why titles like Call of duty is the most popular title on the PS4. Same with games like Assassin's Creed.

So how come so many hate it when the pc is brought up to show superiority over the consoles but gladly talk about it when comparing exclusives? Besides this isn't about true exclusives it's about game libraries of each system.
UltimateMaster  +   600d ago
PS4 hands down.

Infamous Second Son
The Order 1886
Deep Down
Uncharted 4

"In order of expected release"
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fenome  +   600d ago
We'll see at E3, now that they don't have to worry about wasting time with the console reveals. This E3 is gonna be something for the books, I guarantee it. They can't hide behind false promises or fairy dust now, the controllers are in our hands
BG11579  +   600d ago
Poor Capcom, everyone forgot Deep Down is an Dark Souls like game, and that is not nothing to be spit at.
That's until Dark/Demon soul's sequel comes out for the PS4.
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from the beach  +   601d ago
The website says it's Xbox One - although some might say they're talking ship.
quaneylfc  +   601d ago
The xbox has the best lineup in my eyes.

all that interests me with the ps4 is infamous and the order.
ifistbrowni  +   601d ago
As someone who has both. Xbox had the better launch exclusives (specifically dead rising). I could be bias though, because Dead Rising was/is one of my favorite games on last gen (1. TLOU 2. Uncharted series 3. Red Dead 4. Dead Rising (specifically 1).

As for which ones have the best games over long term, if its anything like last gen, it's PS4. No doubt. Uncharted, Infamous, God of War and (if) a next gen TLOU 2 or something ever gets made, that alone will justify a purchase of a ps4. Not to mention, the first new IP Sony announced (The Order) looks like it could be one of the best games, ever (if you're into the "van helsing" type stuff).

As for the first launch year, i think Halo 5 and TitanFall will keep me more occupied than Infamous and ....? Though, i suspect most my times will be spent on Multi-plats that i will only be purchasing on my PS4 (specifically Destiny).

Its been all about multi-plats on my ps4 (AC4, COD, BF4, NBA2k), so far. Which, undoubtedly, look better than the Xbone versions. Killzone wasn't for me, Knack was alright (despite reviews) and Resogun is amazing-ly fun.

Honestly, though... The majority of launch exclusives on either side weren't all that great. Dead Rising 3 is great fun, but on a speed run in Nightmare Mode, i beat it in 2.5 hours.
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Ripsta7th  +   601d ago
Things is we know Sonys track record w games. Many devs have alredy stated they will be working on Ps4 games , Ms on the other hand isnt sure if they will keep the xbox brand or sell it
MELMAN26  +   601d ago
Hold on dude....there is no way in h3ll you beat dead rising on any skill level in 2.5 hours, I would say that is borderline, impossible.

Also guys, lets stop talking about imaginary games, there has been no such announcement of a TLOU 2, GOW, GoW or anything like that. So lets stop throwing those in the mix to fill in for the lack of exclusives when comparing the 2.
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Dark_Overlord  +   601d ago

I didn't believe it either, but checked youtube and it is possible :/

This bloke does it in 1:43.12

ifistbrowni  +   601d ago
@melman, yeah, you're right. After praising the game as being the best launch title, i would just make up something to cut it down... /s

How about you do as the other user did and research before you comment/call me a liar.

...with the proof, you should feel stupid.

As for bringing those games into it, i said *long term* and *IF.* This year, i admitted that the XBONE will probably have the exclusives that i play most. Read next time.

But, judging by your comment as a whole, its obvious you're just obnoxious and can't control yourself.
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JasonKCK  +   601d ago
"Depends on which system yo support."

Logic = +1

Being able to play any of the games I want equals a win for me.
worldwidegaming  +   601d ago
Biased view eh? This should be a question for a gamer,not fanboys.
ifistbrowni  +   600d ago
da fuq are you talking about? So, if Uncharted was a launch title for ps4 and you enjoyed it, you would not equate that into your final view on the "best games in 2014?" I know i would.

The fact that i have both PS4 and Xbone should mean im the OPPOSITE of a fanboy. Lets not even look into my comment history where im mostly pro-sony and have lost bubbles for talking bad on XONE. If anything, im a Sony Fanboy (my tv stand IS filled with sony products...), which should makes my original comment even less "fanboy"

I said i would buy all multi-plats on ps4. Ps4 will have the best games long-term. But, i guess since i said XONE has the best exclusives right now and appears to have the better announced exclusives for 2014....

well yeah.... i guess I see why you can say i'm a fan boy. We all know that praising both consoles is something only a fanboy would do.. /s
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Ps4Console  +   600d ago
Yeah both have great games but for me I like the Order & Second Son which I'am looking forward too but to my fellow gamers on the Xbox One you too have great games to look forward too .

Happy Gaming If Your Black Or White Or Yellow Or Red
Ps4 Or Xbox One .
jimbobwahey  +   601d ago
It's January 11th, and already this website is trying to crown which console has the best games for the year. Seems dumb to me, nobody will be able to say for sure until 2014 is over and all of these games (along with whatever titles are yet to be announced) have actually you know, been released...
Sayai jin  +   601d ago
These articles will come and go...sigh Just the same in this imaginary console war...many articles declaring a winner already after 2 months of sales. Anyways it's business not a console war...but many can label if they wish.

On topic, Both consoles a bringing some good games this year. XB1 looks to have a good library this year, but they must not fizzle out like they did with the 360. In other words they need to have the legs to go the distance. Sony pumped out some very strong exclusives with the PS3 even as we entered next gen...def a strong point. Let's not forget Ninty yet...the have a good list as well this year.
Gozer  +   600d ago
Yeah but sony arguably had the worst launch line up with the ps4 compared to the X1. I was done with the last gen a year before it ended.
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jetlian  +   601d ago
You sound mad jim anyway if people read the article its talking about first 6 months 2014
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whoyouwit04  +   601d ago
N4g has been trying to crown sony the winner of this gen when it's barley begin, and That seems dumb to me.
Letthewookiewin  +   601d ago
Neither has the best exclusives right now, but the PS4 has the best multiplats that's for sure.

Edit:(But Sony WILL have the best exclusives)
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noctis_lumia  +   601d ago
with studios like
naughty dog
sucker punch
polyphony digital
quantic dreams
media molecule
japan studios

we all know which console will have the best exclusives
ForgottenProphecy  +   601d ago
Sony has the best first party publishers, that is unarguable
mafiahajeri  +   601d ago
You forgot

Sony Bend I think their making a PS4 exclusive
Ready at Dawn
GG who I know are making a PS4 exclusive outside of the KZ franchise.
brightlight  +   601d ago
Well you gotta to take into account that some 2014 games, whether on PS4 or X1, haven't been announced yet.
Heck we don't even know if there's gonna be an uncharted, sony or microsoft sure have some reserve for this late year.
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gpturbo81  +   601d ago
time should probably be given before this is even a question. you have to have games before you can compare. wait a year...
Sayai jin  +   601d ago
TheFallenAngel  +   601d ago
I will be playing the order, infamous and halo. I don't own an xbone but my brother does. I get to enjoy both. Funny thing neither of us have a remote interest for titanfall.
DigitalRaptor  +   601d ago
There's only one AAA full retail exclusive 100% confirmed for Xbone in HALO 5. If we're comparing multiplats, both consoles are pretty evenly matched. But PS4 absolutely annihilates on the quantity and diversity front.

I can elaborate with lists if people don't trust the claim.
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Ko_Uraki  +   601d ago
By now IMO the XBOX ONE, but not for Titanfall, for Halo and Forza Horizon 2 (yet to be announced). They will be two of the best titles of the end of the year.
KratosSaveUs  +   601d ago
So you name a game that doesn't even exist ?
NeloAnjelo  +   601d ago
How about The Order 1886, Infamous, RIME, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Drive Club, Uncharted, Shadow of the Beast... All games announced, rather than titles that have not been announced?

The games you listed are you favourites, rather than the best line up
theChickGamer  +   601d ago
Spoiler alert: lame writer.
rafaman  +   601d ago
Xbox also has halo 5 and fable legends confirmed for 2014
mayberry  +   601d ago
All I know is Killzone S:F is BOSS!
Sayai jin  +   601d ago
It's a decent game. We enjoyed Knack and Resogun more than KZ...but of course thats just my opinion.
mayberry  +   600d ago
Seems some dont spend alot of time to advance in the multi-player to appreciate it. Online is BOSS! Imho
Sayai jin  +   600d ago
Assumptions I see. I played the multiplayer and it was decent. Thats your opinion that is is boss and my opinion that it is decent. My son likes KZ a lot. The lack of team communication, server connection issues, etc did it for me. It may be that most players are on COD and B4.
ForgottenProphecy  +   601d ago
Deep Down? MLB The Show? (For them Baseball fans), The Order?
and isn't Halo 5 coming this year? Maybe Uncharted 4 is coming this year. Plus plenty of unannounced games. The author included Octodad and Titan Fall, so I'm sure games like Outlast, Planetside 2 and Don't Starve should count as well.
CrossingEden  +   601d ago
Wonder when people are gonna stop naming the order as the best of anything when we haven't seen ANY gameplay for it.
ShowGun901  +   601d ago
yet 2 posts above, somebody mentioned halo 5 and we've seen SOOOO much of it...
NeloAnjelo  +   601d ago
All we hear is Halo, but nothing much shown of it. In fact we have seen and heard more about the Order than Halo 5. So you comment is moot
-wub-  +   601d ago
Ready At Dawn has a great track record, good games don't make themselves. If the devs are good then their games will be good, that's why i'm confident that The Order will not disappoint.
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ForgottenProphecy  +   601d ago
I didn't say anything positive about the game. All I said is that it is a PS4 exclusive releasing in 2014, which are all facts.
mediate-this  +   600d ago
Not sure why you got disagrees? We have not seen gameplay for the order, it could be garbage or turn to vaporware.
Wizziokid  +   601d ago
Well for me it's PS4 simply because the games I want on X1 I'll be getting on PC, aka Titanfall and Project Spark.

Also "This will almost certainly be the game that defines next-gen in early 2014"

If Titanfall defines next-gen then it's a pretty poor generation, the graphics aren't up to other games we've seen and the gameplay mechanics aren't't too far from what we've already seen ala COD + Mechs..

Sure it looks good but nothing close to generation defining. But that's my opinion I suppose just like the author has his opinion.
#12 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
mediate-this  +   600d ago
But why is titanfall such a bad game in your eyes? You say if titanfall is a generation defining game you think its a bad gen? Its just a game. Not everyone is a weabo in love jrpgs and low budgeted indies. Its your opinion, but i think titanfall will be good.
Wizziokid  +   600d ago
I didn't say it would be bad.. I said it looks good but nothing close to generation defining or revolutionary. it just looks like another FPS but with mechs in my eyes.

I enjoy FPS games so I'll be getting it on PC like I said in my comment.
Tomden02  +   601d ago
Xbox only real winner...will dominate ps4
Hicken  +   601d ago | Well said
Just like it's dominating the PS4 is sales, right?
Tomden02  +   601d ago
For now wait till the crap games hit ps4 ... Oh wait they already have....lolo
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guyman  +   601d ago
Hey tom- name me 5 xbox 360 exclusives that were good enough to compete with: uncharted, TLOU, god of war, metal gear solid 4, demon souls. Wait i'll answer that for you: gears of war, halo .... O wait damn nothing more than that, AWKWARD.
maniacmayhem  +   601d ago
Uh oh...sales are starting to matter!!
Clunkyd  +   601d ago
Yeah, just like xbox "exclusives" were better than ps2 and ps3. sarcasm*
Nekroo91  +   601d ago
of course the xbox will dominate just look at the sales and lower quality multiplat versions...

Anyone who is a gamer knows that MS cant compete with Sony because... look at Sony Studios.

Last gen ps3 received 3 10 out of 10 games while the xbox 0.

And dont even mention Halo which is coming out at the time as Destiny and we all know what the better studio is.

And that bad MS strategy launching the best xbox exclusive along with the best syfy shooter of the year
mediate-this  +   600d ago
You dont know that destiny is going to be the best sci-fi game this gen. Bungie has made one great game, thats halo. Anyother game that made was meh in my eyes. Destiny could flop for all we know, it looks great but to say its the best when it has yet to be released is just non-sensical.
CocoWolfie  +   601d ago
XD *slaps knee*
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ZeoN  +   601d ago
As this time MS needs some support. You sound real fanboyish right now. Stupid statement.
NeloAnjelo  +   601d ago
Yeah right.. Did the 360 dominate the PS3, or only in NA? both sold 80 milliom, with the PS3 coming a year later... By that fact the PS3 has sold more, and faster. Better and more exclusives, more studios, and better quality.

Halo, Gears, Forza is all MS has. This gen its Titan Fall, Forza, Halo and maybe Quantum break. Go talk to your XBONE, and let he real gamers play on a GAMING Machine!

Plus have a look at the kinect shovel-ware included on this excluse list. But hey you'll stay in denial anyway.

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TheGrimReaper0011  +   600d ago
You forgot Viva Piniata
New Viva Piniata game confirmed, now with full kinect support!
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   601d ago
Not many Xbox exclusives have impressed me as much as Sony's
#13.6 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   601d ago
@Tomden You enjoying Fighter Within?
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KratosSaveUs  +   601d ago
PS4 has
InFamous Second Son
The Order 1886
Hotline Miami 2
Planetside 2
Deep Down
MLB 14 The Show
Mostly all Xbox one exclusives I will be able to play on my PC. And plus we don't even know what Sony studios like Santa Monica,Media Molecule, Quantum Dream,and Japan Studio have in store yet.
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Gabenbrah  +   601d ago
Half those games you listed are on PC...
ABeastNamedTariq  +   601d ago
Really? I only counted 4 out of 11. Am I missing something? :P
Flames76  +   600d ago
We are talking about Xbox One and PS4 here not the PC.Hell i build PCs but would never game on them games just suck on a PC.
Z501  +   600d ago
"Half those games you listed are on PC"

Isn't Titanfall on PC also?

N4Gpower  +   601d ago
Xbox ONE wins!

Fable Legends
Quantum Break
Halo 5
Sunset overdrive
Project Spark (We want this game on Xbox ONE)
Titanfall (same thing)

PS4 just have Indie, free to play, mmo and small games. The Witness coming to Xbox one also.
ShowGun901  +   601d ago
what? you didn't mention kinect sports rivals? like the author of this clearly fanboyish "article"?

i respect your opinion with fable legends, halo5 and project spark, but the author trotted out PvZ garden warfare and kinect sports rivals and said that they were matches essentially for infamous SS and Driveclub, two AAA games... this "article" needs to be removed.

(and if one about the ps4 that was THIS rediculous came up, it should be shot down too!)
N4Gpower  +   601d ago
i forgot PVZ and Kinect Sport Rivals sorry.

PS4 just have infamous SS and Driveclub for 2014

this is not enough. Deep Down remain in Japan and it's a free to play, so bad. And we don't care about the rest, it's juste mini-games, We want AAA games.
PeaSFor  +   601d ago
"And we don't care about the rest"
by WE you mean YOU?
ShowGun901  +   601d ago
The Order 1886
Hotline Miami 2
Planetside 2
Deep Down
MLB 14 The Show

just a few more than the two you mentioned... and i only had to look up about 2 inches LOL

both systems will have a great year, but i regret nothing with the ps4... i get all these awesome games, and ill still play titanfall on my pc! win/win! enjoy the xbone, i'm sure project spark will be great! (but noone should ever mention kinect sports rivals! EVVVVVVAAAAARRRR!!!!)
N4Gpower  +   601d ago
"and ill still play titanfall on my pc!"

Coincidentally, all the Sony fanboy have a PC gamer at home ... just to avoid find good points for Xbox ONE, you try to reassure you that Titanfall is also available on PC.. People will play massively Titanfall and Project Spark on Xbox ONE, mind you.
PeaSFor  +   601d ago
Coincidence or not, dont be mad brah, shit load of peoples wont even bother about the xbox one since the game will be available on pc AND 360.

combo PS4/PC is pretty much the way to go, you getting blue in the face wont change anything about that fact.
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NeloAnjelo  +   601d ago
High Quality Excluives below. Indie, MMOs and titles on PC excluded.

Infamous: Second Son
The Order: 1886
Deep Down
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
Shadow of the Beast
MLB 14 The Show
CocoWolfie  +   601d ago
so are we only comparing exclusives or...
Grimhammer00  +   601d ago
Xbone should be shot for having great ips that they never use! Mech warrior, shadow run (needs a reboot), perfect dark, PGR series and I'm sure several more.

As for reality - titanfall is PC yes. But more importantly it'll get nicely beta'd for the inevitable sequel. And EA won't be retarded in a year with significant ps4 numbers vs xbone. This will end up just like mass effect.

The rest of xbone exclusives are meh. I buy approx 2-3 games a month when titles are plentiful. And I jumped ship from 360 several yrs ago. I'll have plenty of ps4 & ps3 games this year.

Halo feels done. Maybe they can get hype back - but it's done for me and my friends. Fable has legs still. But so many more western RPGs seem better. Witcher being top of my list.
ZeoN  +   601d ago
Both. Have fun gamers.
Silly gameAr  +   601d ago
Well, that's easy since I'm not interested in the X1, I would have to go with the games coming for the console I actually want. That's just my opinion though. I don't think that makes me any less of a gamer.
#19 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
vikingland1  +   601d ago
I will wait and see, because I have both consoles it's win win for me.
brew  +   601d ago
No mention of MLB The Show. And not even a passing though that Planetside 2 could hit in the 1st half of 2014 on PS4.
#21 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Xbox One obviously. It always takes Playstation consoles around 3 years to get a good library of games.
e-p-ayeaH  +   601d ago
It really depends on what game or games your prefer but i still havent seen gameplay footage on some of these exclusive games that apparently are coming out this year so its still very soon to say something about it.

Next gen still hasnt started imo
#23 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dillhole  +   601d ago
"The one I bought is better than the one you bought" "But the one I bought is going to be better than the one you bought" "Yeah but this sold blah blah blah" "Yeah but this is going to sell blah blah"


Please. Please just stop doing this now. Please.
LogicStomper  +   601d ago
I absolutely agree but, it is sorta difficult to stop something which defines this site.
dillhole  +   600d ago
That's like saying retarded comments define Youtube. It doesn't have to be that way. I go there to watch videos and I come here to engage in gaming discussion, not really childish boasting matches.
LogicStomper  +   600d ago
Again, I agree but all I'm saying is that things like these are difficult to change. When so many people are used to writing in this way, it becomes habit and breaking habits are hard things.
mo241  +   601d ago
It's a shame all the good games are on the xbox one.
For one I would have really loved to play those fun couch co-op games on the ps 4. There aren't really any fun local co-op games on the ps4.

edit: Oh i think garden warfare is the only one who supports local splitscreen. Games like dead rising 3 and project spark don't.
#25 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
H0RSE  +   601d ago
I don't really care for exclusives on either console, and they have never been a reason to buy a system. That being said, I enjoyed the campaign for Halo and Gears, especially the co-op aspect, and the MP can be fun with friends, but I never considered them must buys or among my top games. I'm interested in trying out the new Kinect Sports (especially the face scanning software) as well as Titanfall.

The only exclusive I was ever remotely interested in on PS, was God of War. And of the ones I actually played (Infamous, GOW, Uncharted) GOW was the only one I had any fun with.

When it comes to a system where I actually look forward to exclusives, it's PC.

NOTE: Please, leave any comments about TLOU to yourselves. Despite it being an exceptionally well-made game that received great ratings (users and critics) It is not my type of game - same goes for GTA, AC, Metal Gear, FF, Kingdom Hearts, RE, and a plethora of other widely acclaimed and well received titles. I know what I like and I know what I don't.
#26 (Edited 601d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kran  +   601d ago
No mention of Quantum Break anywhere...

assdan  +   601d ago
The author of this article is clearly an xbot. Just look at what he says about the ps4 exclusives. He clearly wants xbox to win.
arbitor365  +   600d ago
funny how the mountains of PC/console exclusives coming out on PS4 (literally over 50 games), dont matter, all of a sudden. when that is what the xbox360 coasted on its first 2 or 3 years.

personally, I will take planetside 2, outlast, hotline miami 2, FFXIV: a realm reborn, soma, mercenary kings, and rogue legacy over anything the X1 has coming.
Gabenbrah  +   600d ago
All games I can already play or will be coming to PC... Irrelevant games.
Flames76  +   600d ago
That will be Xbox One hands down with Sunset Overdrive,Halo 5,and Titanfall to name a few.
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