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It's rare for timing to be this important in an RPG.

And it's rare for a game to use amnesia as an interesting gameplay mechanic instead of just a storytelling crutch. Ys: Memories of Celceta calls on the series' long history, but it builds out from there, transforming into something familiar but fresh.

It deserves to be played right now, not reserved for the history books.

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DCfan930d ago

It doesn't qualify cuz its not AAA to people lol.
Got my money ready for it tomorrow.

Qrphe930d ago

I came to say this same thing.

AlbertaSPatel930d ago SpamShow
3-4-5929d ago

I knew this game would be good, but this is even above my expectations. I've never played a Ys game but as soon as I get a Vita I'm going to get this.

Would it help to play Ys: 7 first ?

DanielGearSolid929d ago

Yessir. Celceta is pretty Ys 7 on steroids.

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jjb1981930d ago

Great so far, 1,832 wilted flowers later...

Inception930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

I'm not complaining the score, it's a good score of course, but i agree with some commenter about "How can you write an Ys review and not mention its excellent soundtrack?"

Every single review for YS games that i read always put a big nod to the soundtrack. But polygon reviewew not mention one bit of the excellent soundtrak.

Also, how the hell the reviewer can said YS combat is sluggish? -_-

Oh well, it's polygon.