The Sales Milestone for Beyond: Two Souls

PlayStation Beat: Beyond: Two Souls sold one million copies in 2013. Some label it a milestone, others consider it a disappointment. How should we interpret it?

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Team_Litt1802d ago

Sold better than Heavy France. Says it all...

Hicken1802d ago

It says quite a bit, given those would be many years of sales for Heavy Rain, but only a few months for Beyond. I don't think its predecessor did that much in its first full year.

So yeah, pretty impressive, and says a lot.

That said, this article is all over the place. It's not very cohesive at all.

KingofGambling1802d ago

Congratz to David Cage and the team from Quantic Dreams. Looking forward to their next project on the PS4.

SolidGear31800d ago

Hell yes! My number two all time favorite game behind The Last of Us.