Massive difference between Call of Duty Ghosts on Xbox One vs PC - A comparison through Xbox One

A comparison video which runs the PC version through the Xbox One using the exact same opening scene and showing massive differences between the two versions.

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XiSasukeUchiha1649d ago

Xbox ond not bad but PC still looks better than 1 not as good AS 4

yeahokchief1648d ago

I cant believe there's a video about this after the total buscuit nerd went all on about how shitty the game was not even being next gen or being much better than a ps2 game.


chicken tonight anyone?

pirate at 26 second mark

alejandroelputo1648d ago

Dude are you going to be the first comment on every article xD
I'm just kidding btw.

yeahokchief1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

All good. Someone has to bring the chicken tonight.

Prime1571648d ago

Stop feeding this troll, people. He only tries to be first every article.

Like any third party will look better on console than pc...

Azzanation1648d ago

Nothing beats the PC version.

assdan1647d ago

PC version maxed out probably looks better than both versions. Very easy to tell difference between pc and xbox one though.

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Gamer-401648d ago

Boring theme.
"Shit" CoD best selling game on next-gen. (Ps4/X1).

Nocando1648d ago

I got talked into buying Ghosts, and feeling mighty foolish for it. Jumping between it and BF4 is jarring. COD is complete trash, and its hate is well deserved. So my point is that a turd is still a turd, even at higher resolution.

Gamer-401648d ago

No thanks, I don't care BF series.

safeword1648d ago

Doesn't even look that much better on next gen...

megadrivesonic1648d ago

The lighting really makes a huge difference here, also the textures are really jagged in the xbox one version. Then again it barely do 900p.

jdiggitty1648d ago

They never show if the brightness, contrast and colors are calibrated on these things. They want to make the biggest deal out of these things but never detail the most important part of the test.

TheKayle11648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

and whats the point? every game running on pc if is unlocked to take the gpu/cpu advantages of nowdays pcs..will look better than ps4/xb1

someday ago someone was running bf4 on pc @12k on 3 4k monitors....embarassing for this new gen consoles

hobohunterz1648d ago

Lol kayles precious Xbox is floundering and now he's a pc fanboy

TheKayle11648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

lol what!?!?!? im been claming the resolution gates the biggest trolling of the on n4g and everywhere else...

pc will be always the most powerful machine..and as u can see also a 499 steamachine outperform both console by a large margin (2.5 tf against ps4 1.8tf i think)

i like the xb1 more than the ps4 jsut coz i can feel the wanting of ms to open the world of the consoles to "apps" and other things than just gaming.....pc users are screaming to have a machine to put in their livingroom a microsoft tried...with the xb1


the gap is embarassing ...
the advantages the console (both of them) have over the pcs...clearly are others...closed system/user friendly/larger exclusivity devs

im a 360° gamer...i always have more than 1 console and always a pc...and ill end to have both consoel also this gen

kB01648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I wouldn't call it embarrassing considering the size of the ps4/xbox one when compared to your standard gaming pc. It's not a fair comparison considering one is meant to be customized and upgraded while the other has a target audience.

They managed to fit a lot of horsepower in the machine considering how much it can also do for the non teksavvy audience.

The problem is, that they spend a lot of time making a console user friendly that they loose out on potential power. So you have to understand how much work went into the machine while also trying to make it price friendly

Don't just be a blind hater. There are many factors to consider when using console. Let's not forget that in most cases consoles games have a much better track record for compatibility and optimization when we compare spec to spec.

I myself am a PC gamer first and a console gamer 2nd ( play mainly exclusives on console/sports), but I find their market useful to me...especially when I just want to pop in a game and not worry about settings or even having to deal with multitasking


Considering the price difference and optimization of certain games, it's not embarrassing. Your using that term as loosely as ppl call games amazing. It's a closed environment for the safety of the games, no other reason. This is what makes the difference in piracy levels going from pc to console embarrassing.

Stop being closed minded. Look at all the facts before you start trolling.

yezz1648d ago

The thing here is that Ghosts on PC with ultra settings still looks disappointing and I'm sure PS4 could manage the same quality..

I agree that most games will be looking better on PC with ultra settings than on consoles but the difference shouldn't be this large when the game looks like a last generation game.

MasterCornholio1648d ago

Hi Kayle

I haven't seen you on NeoGaf recently. Did something happen?

Anyways I'm sure the PC version looks the best but the best console version is on the PS4. Despite that the game is a turd and in my opinion isn't worth buying on any platform.

ShowGun9011648d ago

its not embarassing, how much money do you sink into a ps4? how much for 3 4k monitors, and a pc that can push them? seriously its like comparing a ford fusion and a lambo... ford, thats just embarassing! its TWO COMPLETLY DIFFERENT MARKETS!

even if i could afford a +$2,000 gaming rig, i'd have a serious discussion with myself about whether or not its a good investment... prices of new tech drop quickly, and its never financially smart to be on the bleeding edge. its always better to be a generation back, once the initial premium falls off. my geforce gtx 760 will do just fine for most games, and I didn't spend +$1,000 on one card, which mind you will be discounted heavily soon enough.

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