Contrast’s Execution Ruins the Beauty of It’s Concept

UM writes: "During the Winter break, I finally had time to catch up on some video games now that I’m done with academics. I decided to give Contrast a go on my PlayStation 4. When I first heard about this game, I was intrigued by the Jazz-noir themes and the shadow mechanics. However, I was surprised that it received mixed reviews from critics.

I was never really a puzzle/platformer type of gamer, but I’ve always appreciated it when I watched people play it. As I watched my cousins play Contrast, I was able to appreciate and be annoyed by it at the same time. For the first few minutes, I was wondering why people didn’t like the game so much. However, its faults soon surfaced and it was very hard to ignore them."

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1nsomniac1679d ago

Not only did I think it was a completely original game I also thought it was really fun.

Mr Pumblechook1679d ago

Funny enough I was playing this today. The game started slow but then the atmosphere and setting really drew me in.

BUT on the final puzzle challenge area very near the end, i dropped a box and it disappeared and there was no way to bring it back without starting the entire level, Very annoying. It wouldn't have been such a big problem if the developers implemented more save points for sections you completed. Instead I have to give this another go when I get some free time...

Sketchy_Galore1679d ago

From the amount of people talking about bugs, glitches and general poor performance I can't doubt those things are real but I can honestly say I never experienced any of that stuff myself. I found the gameplay really fun, the puzzles were a little on the easy side but not insultingly so. The art style was absolutely beautiful too.

The one major flaw that soured the entire experience for me was the ending. I was prepared for a short game and was quite prepared as I felt the game gearing up for its big conclusion which I expected would be maybe ten minutes of big plot moments that would leave me satisfied and ready to give the game a solid 9. Then it just...ended. All of the flawed characters and interesting backstory was leading up to the clash we all felt coming and then suddenly there was some odd cutesy Disneyfied line or two and the credits appeared. It would be like Reservoir dogs ending with Nice guy Eddie walking into the warehouse saying the cops promised not to arrest them if they just gave back the money, then everyone cheering and going out for pizza. Actually, no, that would have been a pretty good ending but you get the idea.