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"I was excited about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Between the game’s concept seemingly tailor-made for my love of time control and time travel, and the apparent high amount of customization implied by the demo, I found myself looking forward to this third chapter of Lightning’s tale. Its mechanics sounded great and made for a very fun demo; I had every reason to look forward to this game. Ultimately, this proves to be yet another case of press releases, demos, gameplay videos, and trailers not being able to replace the experience of handling the final product, as I was left wholly unsatisfied and wishing I hadn’t been fooled into anticipating Lightning’s comeback."

-PlayStation Lifestyle

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acharlez1500d ago

Ouch. Sounds like the FFXIII trilogy isn't ending on a high note.

_QQ_1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Didn't start on one either

@gamer-39 below
nah man, its just this Joker toriyama and his waifu lighting
i have faith that Nomura will bring back the series with FFXV

rextraordinaire1500d ago

Oh yeah. Because XV looks much more close to the roots of FF than XIII...

shoddy1500d ago

Not getting this one.
I'm more excited for ffx hd.
I miss the days with great magic and summon

Crossbones1500d ago

It looks millions times better than FF XIII trilogy and has all the aspects of the FF Series other than the fact that it's using real time gameplay.

Reibooi1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I'm kinda sick that people are complaining that XV will not help save the franchise because it is more of a action game.

Firstly at it's core it is still a RPG and it's in a proper way adapting to the times(Something XIII tried to do but failed) second one of the biggest things Final Fantasy did was change every game in some way to make it more varied then previous games. Hence why games like X-2 and XII were so different compared to the games that preceded them.

Final Fantasy XV is doing the same thing the only difference is the change is much more drastic when compared to older FF games. On top of which this wasn't a surprise. The older videos of game play showed that it was going to be a very action focus game and using a beefed up version of the Kingdom Hearts battle system. We knew back then that it was going to be very different and now that we have had a better look at it people are complaining.

It honestly seems to me that no matter what SE does good or bad(and I agree they have done plenty or horrible crap in the last gen) people will find a way to hate them no matter what. We see this in the few people who continue to bash FF XIV despite the fact that they likely have not played A Realm Reborn and don't know that Yoshida turned a turd into one of the best MMO's on the market(and easily justifies it's monthly fee)

Why can't people be more open minded and excited for a game that actually looks incredible. I would rather XV have vastly different game play and a good story then stubbornly try to stick to the roots of a series that needs to adapt.

Snookies121500d ago

@Reibooi - Well said my friend, bubble for you. These are pretty much my thoughts exactly. I have complete faith that Nomura will not let us down with FFXV.

gaffyh1500d ago

I'll still give the game a shot. One thing I will mention though, is that the reviewer sounds a bit resentful, as if he is taking into account the experience of the other two games whilst reviewing this one. I'm not defending any of them though, they are bad FF games in general, but still okay imo.

Lukejrl1500d ago

I agree with ReiBooi, bubble up to you sir!

But I still look upon XV with trepidation. I wrote a blog about franchises and their signature: A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME WOULD SMELL... SWEETER. I hope that the balance is better.

My biggest feature would be actual control over other party characters when need arises.

Outside_ofthe_Box1500d ago

Not surprised at all by this score in the least. This is what happens when shove something that people DON'T want down people's throats. I'm so glad this game is doing very poor sales-wise and score-wise.

Square Enix give us what WE want; FFXV(Been asking for this since FF13 dropped), Kingdom Hearts 3 (been asking for this since the PS3 dropped), FF7 remake(been asking for this since that tech demo dropped), FF Type-0, etc. Not that hard, seriously.

UltimateMaster1500d ago

If I am to buy it, I'm sure won't play the japan version because for sure I won't know what the hell is going on.

nypifisel1499d ago


I completely agree. People should be happy that FFXV looks refreshing and new. It honestly looks like nothing we've seen before, and I'd much rather play that than the same old brown shooter or what ever milked to death game concept studios releases now a days. I'm superexcited for FFXV for that reason, finally something new.

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Ranma11500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I blame Toriyama and Wada

Gardenia1500d ago

Yeah, they should really go back to the old games. Seriously, how hard can it be to make a good Final Fantasy?

iamtehpwn1500d ago

Wada is no longer the CEO. lol.

Magicite1500d ago

gona play it nevertheless!

Abriael1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I would wait to read more than a single very opinionated and rather hyperbolic review before declaring the game dead.

Especially considering that the Japanese reviews are almost all positive.

Welcome2Die1500d ago

lol I can tell you that the FFXIII trilogy ends on a French note hahaha!!

kenshiro1001500d ago

I had a bad feeling this one was a stinker.

I was right. :/

Acquiescence1499d ago

Well it didn't start on a high one either, so surprise surprise.

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Gamer-401500d ago

Final Fantasy dead.

ErryK1500d ago

If the name "Final Fantasy" is still being used, and still bringing in money... it isn't dead then.

josephayal1500d ago

Final Fantasy 13 (trilogy) is, in my opinion,the Worst game in FF history

LiViNgLeGaCY1500d ago

Completely agree. FFXIII saga is an abomination to the FF name.

MannGamer1500d ago

The first FF XIII was ok. It was a nice first run but I have always done 2 full run minimum on all FF games I have played. And for this one I didn't really feel like doing another run.
FF XIII-2 was the worst. Only finished it because I am a big fan of FF. I think this next FF XIII-3 is going to be the first one I am not going to buy.
Very sad indeed. I was a fan since the first one on the NES...

-Foxtrot1500d ago

I told you guys...

All that hype, building up, promises about improvement by Square Enix we're just to sucker you into buying the game one last time. Square Enix...the Master of Editing trailers to make them look amazing

Learn from your mistakes next time...don't trust them

DragonKnight1500d ago

Yup. Is anyone surprised? Seriously, anyone? Toriyama is a shooter fan. He wants FF games to be more like shooters in the way stories are told and how the game progresses. THE TWO GENRES ARE NOTHING ALIKE!

I hope we get to see more tanked reviews on this game so the Lightning fangirls can finally have some sense knocked into them.

goldwyncq1500d ago

Still can't wait to play it.

Letthewookiewin1500d ago

I apologize if it angers people but I'm going to beat it because I platinumed the first one and beat the second I don't have very high expectations for it so as long as I don't nit pick it I'll most likley enjoy it. I have to finish the trilogy. I was the same way with Dead Space even though I wasn't very enthralled by the third one.

goldwyncq1500d ago

You don't have to apologize for what you enjoy. I platinumed the first and second game and would likely do the same for the third time.