Letter from America: PS Now or never?

EuroGamer - The video gaming year kicked off proper this week with something I doubt any of you missed: Sony's announcement of its new streaming gaming service, PlayStation Now. It's not that much of surprise if truth be told. Sony's hand was tipped when it bought streaming service Gaikai for the princely sum of $380m back in June 2012, so it was always just a matter of time. Although that matter of time has now become 18 months - and looks to be a good few months longer considering PS Now is going beta at the end of January.

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XiSasukeUchiha1653d ago

People chill chill
Just wait like responible adults

Roccetarius1652d ago

Preferably never, but Publishers would love a future like this.

ErryK1652d ago

It'll be a never if you don't stop whining.

1652d ago