EDGE - Blacklight: Retribution Review

EDGE - That Blacklight: Retribution’s business model is the most noteworthy thing about it speaks volumes. Its free-to-play assault on players’ wallets is a singular point of interest in an otherwise derivative, uninspired futuristic FPS. Play a few rounds, turn your console off and a few moments later you’ll struggle to recall anything special about it – bar that creator Zombie Studios has its eye fixated on cash money.

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jimbobwahey1591d ago

I'm glad that they're making a point of heavily criticizing the game for this, but I wish they also had the guts to criticize bigger developers for pulling the same crap on their customers too. It's easy to pick on the little guys, they should go after the big fish as well.

arbitor3651591d ago

selective, inconsistent criticism is Edge's bread and butter

Dlacy13g1591d ago

It seems more often than not these free to play games are less than great. There are exceptions though and given its free to test... I guess no harm no foul beyond time wasted.

1nsomniac1591d ago

I havnt played it in a while but gameplay-wise I thought it was great for a F2P. The micro-transactions & upgrade mechanics are ridiculous though!

Sketchy_Galore1591d ago

I have to admit this is the one F2P game on the PS4 that I haven't bothered to download. With a decent art style I would have tried it out but it looks generic enough to make an IOS game dev blush.

arbitor3651591d ago

isnt the game still in beta?

mr.selfdestruct1591d ago

I dont get the hate for the game it's not bad. I've played it for a while and still haven't spent a penny on it. I see i can unlock things early w/cash monies but i choose not to and still get a decent amount of kills.

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