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EDGE - Since its arrival on PS4’s launch day, Digital Extremes’ thirdperson co-op shooter has already enjoyed numerous updates, including one radical overhaul of the way that damage works in the game. Such is the way of free-to-play gaming: frequent iteration is key to attracting and sustaining a healthy playerbase. Warframe’s moment-to-moment play is improving in both feel and the potential for tactical expression as the game heads towards a sturdy consistency, even as the procedurally generated levels in which it’s set will forever shift.

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amnalehu1560d ago

Prime example of why people should not pay attention to score based reviews. Warframe is on of my favorite games on PC and PS4.

cleft51560d ago

I love Warframe. The more you play it the better you understand the game. The best part is that it centers around coop, so it's not about beating another player but helping your team out. The Dojo provides PvP opportunities, but that is hardly the focus of the game.

I have played Warframe since it's beta on the PC and already have over a 100 hours of gameplay on the PS4 version. I love this game, shame about the poor review scores, but I do agree that this is yet another case of why you can't go along with Review scores. Thankfully, this is F2P so it cost you nothing to try it out yourself for PS4 or PC. You don't even need PS+ to play it online.

XANDEO1560d ago

I agree the games good, rough (sure its still in beta) around the edges, but its real good fun. favourite ftp game, so far...

CrossingEden1560d ago

"People should not pay attention to score based reviews because I like this game!"
-fanboy logic
This game is extremely bland and tedious to play. Maybe they should've focused on more environments instead of armors.

demonddel1560d ago

You must only game on the Xbox you just jealous

GuruMeditation1560d ago

No, that's not fanboy logic, just logic. If I enjoy a game, I know it's likely others will too, so I recommend not being stifled by review scores. It's f2p, so if I'm wrong, you've lost nothing and are in the mindset of the reviewers. If you end up liking Warframe? Then you get to experience a game you enjoy. So don't write off perfectly valid logic as fanboy logic.

Allsystemgamer1560d ago

I'm having a blast with Oberon

Scrivlar1560d ago

Glad I read your comment there I was about to not bother with it. I'll give it a try now.

Knushwood Butt1559d ago

I really wonder what Edge's agenda is: if people actually paid attention to their reviews, hardly anyone would ever play any games.

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LeShin1560d ago

Agreed! I haven't stopped playing this game since launch!

nosferatuzodd1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

same here i must of spend like a 100.00 dollars on this game i have mag prime frost prime amber prime latron prime some of the rarest cards thunderbolt vigor flow focus streamline you name it i have ppl selling cards for platinum
score mean shit especially some of these fanboys site who cant take their mouth off Microsoft @@@@

One more thing I've got so many friends off this game its very social my party every night have 8 ppl we all doing dragon runs in the void looking for all kind of rare stuff this game is loads of fun i don't care what those idiots think

To the guy below Ikko yes you just wait has soon has its on xbox oh its the best game ever you just wait

NeoTribe1560d ago

You spent 100 dollars on a bland, mediocre, repetative game like that? Waste of time and money considering all the good games commin to ps4 soon. I erased it already. It felt like an android game where you do the same repetative grinding over and over and over.

ikkokucrisis1560d ago

I've put more hours into Warframe than any other game on my PS4. I wonder if Edge will change their tune/score when it gets released on the other console.

Avernus1560d ago

WF is brilliant. Some technical issues (frame rate drop) but will be addressed in the new update coming this month, but otherwise than that it's a great game. 300+ hours played, and looking forward to updates.

Only complaints is DE's lack of communication with the PS4 community. Hope they improve that aspect and hope we get updates / events quicker or more often.

dantesparda1560d ago

"Some technical issues (frame rate drop) but will be addressed in the new update coming this month"

Really, cuz thats one of my issues with the game. So you're saying they are going to improve the framerate hopefully in Jan?

iceman061560d ago

Yep, according to the community director, the update was submitted for approval two weeks ago. It usually takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks for approval from Sony. So, in the next 2 weeks we will see the update. Plus, they are implementing hot fixes all of the time. I have noticed that the frame rate issues are getting better and better each time I play.

Allsystemgamer1560d ago

The lack of communication/updates is sonys end. They're trying to roll out the updates but sony has to approve hem, which is why the is no cross play yet

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