They Still Make Those?

Game Informer - Somewhere between the one-hit wonder games and the popular franchises we all know and love lies a few series that soldier on in relative obscurity.

Here's a brief list of some games from franchises you may have thought were no longer around, but actually have releases slated for 2014. I'm not talking about HD re-releases or ports to new platforms, but rather actual new titles. Perhaps you're a fan of a series and haven't been keeping close tabs or just want to reminisce, but maybe these are worth checking out.

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LAWSON721682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Dont want to call out Gameinformer but
"as well as other detours like the hybrid puzzlers Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes on 3DS"
Might and Magic Clash of Heroes is on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, and supposedly android, as well as DS. The game is not on 3DS. Off topic but I atually really enjoyed this game. It did get repetitive but I got a pretty fun 30 hrs out of it (SP actually took that long)

e-p-ayeaH1682d ago

Is there any Tenchu on the horizon? i miss that series so much.

rustyspoon801681d ago

I've always enjoyed the Heroes of M&M series. Although it usually takes me a few years after release before I pick em up. Haven't played 6 yet.
Although I did get on the beta for Heroes online which was quite different.